Late Branding

Usually our neighbors brand before we ever do… Johnny has always let the calves grow a little before stressing them with a branding. When I first arrived on the scene here… our calves were much smaller… and we waited until … Continue reading

Back to the Lost World

We went back to the Lost World again today… The main focus for today was lowering the electrical conduit down the side of the canyon to connect our new 1.5 horse pump (which will be in the bottom next to … Continue reading

Lost World

Yesterday I left off where I had entered the Lost World of Otter Creek Canyon… Within the few minutes (actual time) of leaving the top of the steep canyon where sagebrush blooms alongside cedars and mule’s ears and prickly pear … Continue reading

New Project Defined

The Project actually was started about a month ago… Written in bits and pieces on scrap paper and time spent on the internet researching and on phone calls ordering and questioning. Until about a week ago when production started on … Continue reading

The New Project

If someone… who knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about ranching… were to ask me… “What is your lifestyle like out in the middle of nowhere? ┬áDo you round-up cattle everyday like on television?” After I caught my breath from laughing and choking … Continue reading