Wordless Wednesday – “Heaven’s Above!”

Heaven’s Above! … Continue reading

All Day Long

If I thought the garden would get planted, the lawn mowed, the house cleaned, the dishes done, the laundry folded, the food cooked, this blog written… I would do this ALL DAY LONG. Follow these precious pups around and photograph … Continue reading

Rush Rush

Hi, folks! Remi, here. That Lady-with-the-food asked me to stand in and tell you she had to go to town first thing this morning… Don’t know what she was doing in “town”, I don’t even know what “town” means! She … Continue reading

Cody Trip 2

Today was gorgeous and I spent most of it outside, so this is a late post, sorry! To continue the story from yesterday… The preview show began at 8 am… that’s why we had to leave home so early. ¬†We … Continue reading

Cody Trip

Yes, it snowed again this morning. Yes, we left at 5 am for the Cody Wild West Days Top Notch Horse Sale. Yes, we looked at so many horses I was getting confused. Yes, we discarded some of our pre-sale … Continue reading