Wordless Wednesday – “Cowboyin’ “

Cowboyin’  is my entry for this Wordless Wednesday. … Continue reading


Rarely, if ever, have I posted anything slightly political on this blog… but I just read Bush Babe of Granite Glen’s blog… a counterpart (ranchwife) over in Australia.  I check her blog as well as Just Another Day on the … Continue reading


If you’re one of our horses… you need patience. You need to wait when we doctor, sort in the corral, eartag, eat lunch, and do a hundred other things. You get to take naps and swish flies (though the fly … Continue reading

Bruner Draw

This is Bruner Draw.  Named for the man who homesteaded with a small dugout located on the skyline to the right of the most left juniper tree… the fenceline here separates our private ground from BLM.  This is the “badlands”. … Continue reading

Dogs of the Day

Today was the first day in a few, that I’ve been able to settle in, do some chores, play an extended amount of time with the puppies, and have a nice visit with my daughter and her boyfriend.     … Continue reading