Gotta Share Photos

I have to share some puppy photos… It is something I HAVE to do… I HAVE to share the cuteness! Elsa supervises feeding time, just to make sure everyone uses their manners. The colors (colours??) of English Shepherds… at least … Continue reading


As the sun sets, I often switch to sepia or black and white to use the contrast.  This little reservoir in the badlands gave me the perfect opportunity to play. This one turned out to be my favorite… and “Open” … Continue reading

Spring Turnout

Thought I’d share my first OOPE video… shot out of my pocket on Saturday. The annoying sound is the camera… but just listen to the bawling of the mommas and babies! Enjoy! Spring Turnout from Carol Greet on Vimeo. … Continue reading

Fix Fencin’

Somehow, whenever I want to talk of fixing fence, it comes out wrong.  My mouth can’t ever seem to coordinate with my brain, and “fix fencin’ ” usually blurts out and makes me appear *really* stupid.  Most people around me … Continue reading

Everyday OOPE

OOPE photos from Saturday… when everyday should be like this! Johnny consults his book… making sure #452 had calved… and how old the calf was… whether we wanted to take her along or leave them behind for now. We kick … Continue reading