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Hi, my name is Carol, and this blog is my photographic journal of daily life on a Wyoming Centennial Ranch… 100 years in the same family! Through my photography and writing, you’ll discover the beauty of Wyoming, the hard work of ranching, the DIY projects that call my name, and a mix of creativity tossed in for fun!

Hard Day's Work

Hard Day’s Work

I married into ranchlife in 1981.  It was a brand new experience for me, having been raised in various towns in the west.  However, my father was an avid hunter and outdoorsman and gardener and DIY-er, and he passed those interests on to me.  It helped me discover ranchlife!  I wasn’t scared to learn to drive a tractor, or help pull a calf, or ride out horseback in glorious Wyoming.

My three children are grown, two are still here on the ranch.  You’ll meet them along the way, and they come first in my life!  About the only time I’ve missed blogging is when I’m visiting with the kids until too late!  Victoria (Matt) is a middle school math and science teacher and mother to three boys.  You won’t see their pictures here due to parental request!  Daniel (Tess) lives and works full time here on the ranch.  Their kids are Jaxon, Lacee, and Reagan.  Brandon (Megan) also lives on the ranch. They have Quinlan and Lorelei.  I’m very proud of my boys for making up the fourth generation to live and work on this ranch.  We have a great start on the fifth generation too!

I originally began this blog due to many requests from people researching my Rimrock English Shepherds website.  I’ve since pulled that website since I’m not actively breeding dogs at this time. Eden is currently my only English Shepherd.

You might also be interested in the archived posts… often you get multiple photos or trivia about the same topic just by investigating older posts written on the same day in years past.  Red Dirt In My Soul began in January of 2008…

Please feel free to contact me, comment, and once a month, participate in an open question and answer session!  Honest and polite conversation is always welcome!


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  1. Hello, Carol:

    I found your page while checking out the Longmire Days posts on FaceBook. I haven’t been able to make it to LD yet, but hope to next year. I live in the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina and it is a very long trip for me. I know it was wonderful and I love the photos you have posted so far. I’ll be following your blog from now on. Since watching Longmire, I am obsessed with all things Wyoming!

  2. Hi Carol,

    You’ve created a wonderful and very interesting blog. You are a very energetic lady to do everything you do and to then also photograph and write about it: kudos to you.

  3. Hello, I enjoyed the Greet 100 year celebration. Joy Lyman brought me. As you know, she is one of the four daughters of George and Bobbie Wood. I am a Kansas farm girl who came out to Ten Sleep in the summers of 1957 and 1958 (aged 14 and 15!) to take care of the girls, cook for everybody, fill in for Bbobbie…..well you know the likely round of activities. Although I loved the place, fortune took me to Jackson Hole for my college summers, and on through school. I spent 40 years as a Sociology Professor at the University of North Texas. In 1992, after 34 years I made an opportunity to come back and visit George and Bobbie, and the “girls” we could then round up. Since then I have been back a few times, interviewing people for the book I am writing: From Nowood to Ten Sleep: Gender, Generations and Ranching in a Wyoming Community. I’m here until about the 15th of July and would enjoy an opportunity to visit with members of the Greet family more. I will contact family members by phone. Thanks for listening.

  4. Hi Carol-
    I found your site thru a mutual friend, and just realized your daughter is my kids’ math/science teacher…small world 🙂

    • I am also a farm girl from Canada..always interested in other farm and ranch experiences but wanted to read Storm of the Century from a Ranchers Prospective because if I remember it correctly, I was right there with you in spirit, fretting and heartbroken over the conditions… would love to read about your prospective please…its a lifestyle not an occupation as we both know…

  5. Raised in Wyoming as well. Visit every 1-2 years. Reunion July 19 in Riverside. 60 of us from all parts of the USA. Me? I am retired in FL so I am traveling the farthest…with my FL family of daughter, husband, 2 grandsons, 14 & 17 who have never been out of FL. Wish me luck!

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  6. Hi Carol!!

    My Aunty Glee called my Mom this morning and said she saw a picture of her (my Mom) on your website today. Her name is Joy Conner Russell. Both of them were born on a ranch near Ten Sleep and miss it with all their hearts! I’ve looked everywhere for the post and the picture. Would you happen to remember posting a picture of a school age girl walking to school named Joy Conner? She’s 76 now, so it would definately be in black and white. 🙂 On my site there are pictures of her now, just in case you’d be interested. Thank you!! Alane

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