Long Live the Queens

So much going on…  I’ll finish this story first. I released my three new queens into their hives where they’ve been acclimating themselves and their new subjects.  Two went smoothly, I opened their queen cages and they came out in … Continue reading

Hoping for Success

There’s plenty I don’t know about beekeeping and that was apparent today.  I’ve purchased three new queens, as I didn’t see any larva or brood when I first checked the hives.  My second check gave me the suspicion of a … Continue reading

Queen Journey

Better late than never, I suppose. Although I’ve driven by the Bee Barn and was happy to see bees entering and exiting my three hives, it’s never worked out, either temperature or time-wise, for me to open the hives and … Continue reading

Mind Your Own…

One thing I’ve been working on for the past few weeks, is a simple way to get clean bee’s wax from my old, discarded, dirty bee combs. Bee combs go through stages… from pristine white (brand new) honey comb to … Continue reading

Dirt and Mess

Victoria’s visit was short and she left after lunch… The boys’ morning was spent digging in a dirt pile with cousins.  I tried to teach some finer points of rammed earth castle building, but I’m not sure if it sank … Continue reading