Questions and Answers: May 2018 Edition

Constance: the boot in stirrup seems to be getting most of the mail, but what about other boot? Why does it not show in the stirrup seen under the horse’s belly? plus this rider has on very clean looking jeans …. … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – December 2017 Edition

Marilyn: Question: how is your new granddaughter? and the bigger siblings doing? Reagan seems to be doing fine.  I’ve actually not seen her much, she’s had lots of visitors, so I’ll bug her more when things are quiet again.  Big … Continue reading

Questions and Answers: May 2017 Edition

Sandy G. : Thanks for posting those “old photos”. It made me think of a question to ask you: Did you teach school in the past? Do any of your daughter-in-laws or your daughter teach school? No real education experience … Continue reading

Questions and Answers March 2017 Edition

JoAmy: How did you meet your husband? Well, strangely enough, I’ve been asked this question enough that I actually wrote a blog post about it HERE.  It’s all about coincidences… Joan: Do the new calves and their moms stay in … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – February 2017 Edition

Steph: I was wondering if you use the same veterinarian for both large and small animals. Yes, we do.  We’ve used The Good Doctor for many, many years… with occasional visits to others as needed, depending on the situation.  Most … Continue reading