Questions and Answers January 2019 Edition (part two)

From Sandy: A couple of questions for you: What is involved in “prepping” the heifers? And another term you have used — What is meant by “sustainablity”? <For us, prepping the heifers for calving season means worming them. Anything that … Continue reading

Questions and Answers: January 2019 Edition

WoW! I guess not having many Q&A sessions last year let you stock up on questions! From Dawn: I’m learning a lot from the Big Trails blog about ranching, but I do have a few questions!  <For those of you … Continue reading

Questions and Answers Video September 2018

Finally!  After starting the upload process this morning… at four in the afternoon, I finally get notice that it is complete! Of course, it is a long video… I take you along on a ride… answering questions and showing you … Continue reading

Questions and Answers: May 2018 Edition

Constance: the boot in stirrup seems to be getting most of the mail, but what about other boot? Why does it not show in the stirrup seen under the horse’s belly? plus this rider has on very clean looking jeans …. … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – December 2017 Edition

Marilyn: Question: how is your new granddaughter? and the bigger siblings doing? Reagan seems to be doing fine.  I’ve actually not seen her much, she’s had lots of visitors, so I’ll bug her more when things are quiet again.  Big … Continue reading