Mamma keeping an eye on things… while her calf is being branded.

When you’re four… it’s more fun to crawl through the gate (multiple times, actually), than to have it opened for you!

D.  owns the herd Brandon leases from.  She’s been here forever.  She’s a hard working woman!

Showing off the Lazy L 1 and the Y8.

The smallest things can mess up a good photo… like a weed head!

Choose Your Mood

Is he mad, hot, irritated, exhausted, unhappy, bored, reflective, thoughtful, or ???


Making progress here.  Went to work today and survived, though I didn’t physically work very hard.  We’re still reorganizing the offices, so I sorted drawers and pitched old manuals for old computers and exciting “junk” that seems to pile up.

I know it should be Throwback Thursday… but Brandon had his branding with his leased cows last night… and I went and took pictures.  I wore a face mask and avoided everyone… so if you could indulge me, I’d appreciate it.  Time for Branding Photos!!!

I know I have lots of questions to answer, as well, and I will get to that post soon, I promise.

I also know some people aren’t fans of brandings… and that’s ok.  If you’d like to leave, you may.

Around here, brandings are still necessary.  They are also hard work.  So much hard work that our family (even though there are tons of us!), can’t do it alone.  You call your friends.  You call your neighbors.  They come to help you out, because they know we will reciprocate.  They get paid with a good meal and a fun time.  Yes, you’re working hard, but you’re teasing each other… visiting and catching up on their lives, sometimes there’s pranks – or wrestling – or a stray mark of chalk down a back… but it’s fun.  Why make hard work miserable unless you’re in prison????

Here are a few shots I liked.

I Kid You Not

I don’t miss many posts… but, holy cow, I’ve lost track of days with this stomach bug. It was nasty!  Beyond nasty.  Way beyond nasty.

I woke up with it Sunday morning, the day we were going to brand after we had been delayed due to rain.  Luckily, the food was made, and Tess came and got it and hauled everything down to the site.

My sister came and got my camera, after I had disinfected it!  She promised to take pics for me as she is often on babysitting patrol and not too active in the branding process.  She has a camera kind of like mine… so I didn’t give her instructions.  You know, push the button…

Well, she did take lots of “pics”.  Unfortunately they were all videos!  She pushed the movie button, not the photo button.  There’s a good start and then she would put the camera in her lap or on a fence post… and there’s a nice movie of a weld on the horse trailer!  Bless your heart for trying, sis, but I guess cameras are just too old fashioned.

I did get to hear the sounds and see some of the branding, though… even though I was super sick!  I was hoping for a 12 hour bug.  Nope.  24 hours, then.  Nope.  Today’s Tuesday and I’m not going to go to work tomorrow.  I thought I felt good enough today to go outside and look at my garden.  Not rototill, just look… and I sat out there and soaked up the sunshine and was exhausted.

My grass is boot high in some spots.

I feel I should bleach my house from top to bottom so Vernon doesn’t catch this, but I walk and put a cup in the sink and I go sit down again.

I’ve got a sinus thing going on too… holey moley, I kid you not… I’m a pretty pitiful example of humankind lately.  Between my tooth and now this… I deserve some ice cream.  And I don’t have any.  Which is very sad.

On the upside, I enjoyed the new Lost in Space show on Netflix… and one called The Rain was okay, and the secrets of castles in England was interesting… and Before We Go was a nice little story… Yup.  Me and Netflix, we’re buds.

Tess sent me this pic of Jaxon… look at him gritting his teeth holding onto that calf!  Three generations right there, folks… and that’s why I love this life… even if I did have to miss it in person!