Another Work Day

Gathering at the edge of Otter Creek Canyon.

When you manage for grass… some places can grow stirrup high and higher grass!

This place is a great example!

My allergies can attest to it!

Another Bunch

Moving and working another bunch of cows…

Sunrise shadows of Daniel and I.

Gathering off of Ritchie’s Flat.

Deciding to go around Daniel’s pretty fields than risk trampling them down.

Making it around the corner with Brandon in the lead, opening the gate.

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Early Mornings

When it’s getting into the 90’s during the day, you move cows at sunrise to try to beat the heat.  Lately, some of the mornings haven’t been that cool, either.  The ol’ girls know it’s cooler up high, so they’re pretty ready to hike uphill!  Thank goodness!