I’ve been trying an experiment the past few weeks… I’m growing fodder for my chickens as a supplement this winter.  My chickens free range all year round… of course, their pickings are not near as good this time of year.

I bought some plastic containers from the dollar store, and a 50# sack of barley.  Grand investment… about $20.

I have a disgusting bathroom downstairs… with a drain in the floor (yes, I’ve wished for a remodel, but that remodel fairy just has a looooong list of things to do, evidently).  Every morning, I put a fresh 1.5 cups of barley to soak in a plastic jug.  The contents of the jug are poured into one container.  Each container has holes drilled in the bottom for drainage.  Every day they get watered well and moved down the order and I take the sixth container to feed to my chickens.

The growth should be bigger, but there is no light into that bathroom, so this is the growth I get with only one lightbulb for light and heat.

The sprouts do have pretty good root growth though.

The chickens are happy every morning… I have to rip the roots apart and throw them in different areas, because chickens will stand over the container and many won’t ever get a bite… pecking order, y’know?




Ten Sleep had a nice little Christmas parade, fifteen floats!  Most people around here have seen the photos of it on Facebook… but I was happy with only two photos.

That is the Grinch tied up in the chair… but I liked how I captured the little girl’s face so clearly…

Then, in this one, a neighbor and her baby’s face reflect the lights…


Eight kids and gingerbread houses plus frosting plus candy.

Good thing there’s just enough snow outside to sled on!

Scale House

It’s always in the background of any work done in our corral… a tiny red building that’s seen better days… and we’ve been talking about fixing it up for YEARS.

Well, yay, Brandon!

This is NOT all of the contents!

There was an amazing array of objects… branding irons, horn weights, dehorner spoons, benches, stools, jugs, cattle paddles, sorting sticks, needles, syringes, freeze branding irons, heaters, pour-on guns, and maybe a bit of trash.  He pulled off some of the insulation board and found some treasures.  Whoever built this enjoyed themselves.  There was an empty Walker whiskey bottle (Hiram, not Johnny), a vintage Miller High Life can, and some chewing tobacco cans.

The plan is for a window… to let more light in and maybe some heat (we FREEZE sitting in there!), some OSB and new insulation… plus plugging those holes the woodpeckers and mice have made over the years.

It’ll be awesome when it’s done!

#TBT : Butter

Another of Johnny’s old treasures that he passed on to me…

Written in my mother-in-law’s hand…

“Grandma Arnold’s butter mold”

How many times did she use this wooden mold, I wonder?

Also in the collection… a butter paddle for working the last of the buttermilk out of the butter.

I need to get some fresh cream from the neighbors!