Christmas Cookie Fail

Getting ready for the library’s open house by making Christmas treats.

I’ve never put these together… pretzel, peppermint kisses topped by a peppermint M&M.  Simple, right?  I shoved them in the oven, waiting for the kiss to melt down.  It didn’t.  By the time I went, seriously?  It shouldn’t take so long!  The chocolate kiss had dried out.  Who knew they would do that?

The M&Ms wouldn’t even push down into the kiss without breaking it apart.  Total fail… I had a few left, and found just leaving them in the oven for five minutes, no more… created the perfect treat I was looking for!  Duh.

I will remember next time!

#TBT : Marmalade

Among the items Johnny gave me was this.

This one pound marmalade jar could be dated anywhere between 1880-1920.  As far as I could tell in an hour of research, was that these were very common, and often saved to be reused after the marmalade was long gone!

Johnny’s story was that one time, as he was trailing the herd by Bates Creek on the way to Lysite, he passed a grave.  There were some items off to the side and this marmalade jar was there.  It may have been in two pieces and he brought it home where Oneta glued it back together.  It was a long time ago, so he’s a little unsure of that detail.

I do believe this is one of the older items around this place and a good choice for #tbt!

Wordless Wednesday: “Headed to the Corral”

previewHeaded for the Corral

So Long, Girls

Daniel pitched some hay for the heifers, and we jumped on four wheelers to bring them in from the surrounding fields.  These heifers will go the sale barn and hopefully find good homes somewhere else as replacements.  They didn’t make the cut here, but maybe they’ll work on another place.

I always feel bad for these girls that didn’t make the “team”… sometime in my past, I guess I could relate to that!  They’re a good looking bunch that will help someone in their program.  So long, girls!


Johnny and I met up to go through some things in his basement… and he gave me some treasures!

I was very excited to receive these two plates…

After minimal internet search, I found them to be Fred Roberts grill plates from the 1940’s or 1950’s.  I initially thought them to be children’s plates, but they are more along the lines of “keeping your beans from soaking into your dinner roll” plates!

How cool are these?

Then there’s the little family history attached to the back.

Great Aunt Wyoma Pyle was known for labeling her items with fingernail polish.  So when I turned this over to look for a maker’s mark, all I could do was laugh.  She’s been gone for many years, but her fiery spirit lives on!

Now, do I hang these on my kitchen wall, or do I use them?  I can see eight grandkids fighting over who gets to use the cowboy plates!