Chinese Lunar New Year with lion dances and martial arts demonstrations…

Followed by blue grass band, Mr. Sun.


The pressure is off, I made it through the presentation at WESTI Ag Days!  I wasn’t nervous about it at all really.  Trent Loos was the main speaker, and a local farmer, Sarah Lungren, was on the panel with me.  I wasn’t nervous until I started speaking, then my voice was shaky.

For those of you on Facebook, Trent’s presentation and our follow up should be available as a Facebook Live video.  I actually haven’t watched it myself, as after the program and lunch, Vernon and I headed off on vacation.

Go watch it, and let me know what you think!

I enjoyed my time at WESTI, thanks Sarah, Caitlyn, and Trent!  I’m off to bed early to catch an early bird flight!

Note:  when your camera won’t connect thru the hotel WiFi, simply take a picture of your camera photo, and use that.

Take THAT, technology!