Their Turn

The cows have been moved up from the field to our normal calving area… They’re used to being fed earlier, but now that they’re farther away… they are last on Daniel’s loop.  My Durango gave them false hope… and they didn’t mind coming up close and personal on the slim chance I might have three big bales of hay condensed into my back seat.

The heifers are done calving, except for one.  There’s always one…

Now it’s these girls’ turn…

Thief Caught On Video

Here it is… though it doesn’t show her eating the egg…


I received this item a couple of weeks ago, and have been raving to some of my friends about it.  I decided to do a product review.  They do not know who I am, and I am not paid to do this.  My only incentive is to share my views about a good product with benefits to people who like to save money, keep foods fresh, and use for long term storage.

Pump-N-Seal is also a Wyoming company!  Check out their website!

I think this video says it all!

#TBT: Deep Creek Photo

I thought I would share this photo from the Farmers Lumber calendar as well.  Deep Creek is a few miles away from here, but many of the people are well-known early settlers of the Ten Sleep area.

Wordless Wednesday – “Dear Doe Deer”

previewDear Doe Deer