About Missed It

I about missed it…

After running to town one day and then the next day… having to get a heifer off the highway and back in the pasture where she belonged…

I managed to *just* get to the corral to help re-tag and age brand the last of the replacement heifers.

Obviously, they didn’t need me… but it doesn’t seem right to NOT be there!

Real Work

Well… I was planning on baking a huge batch of cinnamon rolls and freezing them.  But.

Cow work it was.

My part was simple… I had elected NOT to ride.  By golly, sometimes I’m gonna win at this Fairweather Cowboy Gig!  When the thermometer said 2*… I voted to open gates, set out the CATTLE ON ROAD signs on the highway, block escape routes, and flag for traffic, all from within the comfort and heat of my Durango.  Besides, it’s tough enough to board my horse on a good day… put a couple layers more on me for warmth, and you’d have to use a crane to get me on and off!

Our yearling heifers had oh-so-nicely mixed themselves up with our calves… so… the first order of business was to get them straightened out.  Then trailed home.  So the real work could begin…


Weathering the Storm

Woooooh!  Snow!  And cold!

Hiked out to the chicken coop, swept them a trail so it’s not so deep for those little chicken legs … they still like to free range and scratch in the dirt under trailers and such… guess I shouldn’t have, since one turned up dead.  Its head was gone, so I’m thinking weasel.  Dog gone it!

Then I hiked back to my house and was locked out… the doorknobs were frozen in place on both my doors.  I stood there doing some heavy breathing to melt one loose… hoping I wouldn’t be graceful enough to somehow stick my lips to the metal and be REALLY stuck there… A swift punch, and it came loose… yay!

Then I spent I Don’t Know How Long looking for a misplaced dustpan… and I’m not gonna tell you where I found it!

Lots of little things going wrong… but, I’m always reminding myself how lucky I am… I have many blessings… I don’t have predators looking to kill me and eat my head… I DIDN’T stick my tongue to cold metal, I DID get in my warm house, and I found my stupid dustpan!

Plus!  And this is a big one…

I don’t have to stick my face in a snowbank to eat!


Magnet Play


I’ve seen a lot of Harry Potter wood burned gifts… but, Harry isn’t my style.  Since I’m rewatching, and enjoying Star Trek Enterprise, I thought I’d make myself a set of Star Trek magnets!

I wanted to put this on one… from the title theme…

But I think I need a bigger magnet!