But No

Nope. It’s not a #tbt. I didn’t make it back to Johnny’s to get copies of the latest vintage photos he’s run across…

So… I just thought I’d let you know I survived and even ENJOYED speaking to the Worland / Ten Sleep Chamber of Commerce. I didn’t stutter. I didn’t leave my brain along the highway. I didn’t get that voice tightness that comes from nerves. The photos worked on the projector. People laughed at the appropriate times!


Now if I was a *professional* blogger, I’d probably had someone take a photo of me… but no. Or record it…. but no. I’d have taken a photo of the crowd while I was at the podium… but no. I *did* take one after I sat down though…

And, hey, I got to go home with the five pounds of Wyoming Sugar which was part of the table decorations (and award winning local company, as well).



I can’t help it.

I’m lucky enough to be asked to speak to the local Chamber of Commerce tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, I really am… but I can’t help be just a tad nervous… what will I forget?

I’m prepared. I’ve practiced and practiced. And hey… I’ll have my speech right in front of me. I’ve been plenty of places where the presenter just reads from their paper/slides/powerpoint. <insert eye roll here> I hope to do a smidge better than reading.

I’ve done this before… remember the Johnson County Cattlewomen had me over a few years ago? And I helped out Trent Loos last year at WESTI Ag Days… and I’ve put on lots of programs through the library and Scouts.

It will be a nice crowd. Locals. Business people I’ve dealt with in the past. People that want to be there. So… I’m getting all fingers crossed and lists checked and double checked… and I’m pretty sure I’ll do OK.

I think.

I hope.

I just need to quit THINKING so much!

A Little Fun

It seems like forever since everyone was healthy and the intensity of an overly cold and snowy calving season wasn’t hanging over our heads… time to get the grands together and go sledding!

Well, they went sledding…

Reagan toddled around up at the top of the hill… where the road has melted…

That *is* chocolate on her lips, not mud!

Lacee and Lorelei demonstrate the fun way to get mud off of their snowpants…

And I show the boys how to build an igloo/snow fort from the chunks of crispy snow.

Sunshine and Roses


Did you really think I’d be writing about sunshine and roses during calving season? Nope.

Thank goodness, the weather is improving and at least the snow is leaving from the south facing slopes. Of course, that leaves mud and pools of meltwater… but let’s whine about one thing at a time, shall we? At least we aren’t suffering like Nebraska… poor folks. My heart goes out to them.

I don’t believe the guys would appreciate their 2 am checks (that were taking about two hours to complete) to be called “adventures”, but tonight I will label at least one of them as such. Brandon wrote about it on his weekly blog. It includes photos and quite the story…

Yes. You must click on this link to read it. It will be worth your time.

I promise.