Chicken & Egg

Feeding my hens this morning, I noticed what I thought was my broody hen standing above her eggs, rear end facing out, with that zoned look in her eyes and a pulsing muscle near her tail. I knew the signs. I pulled my camera out of my pocket and punched the button. I figured she was close to laying an egg, because she was really unconcerned with me and Eden, as well, who came to check on me twice!

Once I thought more about it, I don’t think that’s my broody hen. I think she got down for a drink and this girl jumped in and laid a bonus egg in the nest. I should have pulled it right then, but I was so tickled I got the video, I didn’t have it all figured out.

I only filmed a total of two minutes, which I condensed down for you. Talk about good timing! I’ve included a slow motion replay at the end. Share this with someone who’s never seen anything like it! Then post their comment!

Lucky All Around

Well, I played the Fairweather Cowboy Card and babysat kids so The Girls could go ride in the snow and cold! It was time to bring the cows in from the badlands pasture… and while I snuggled Reagan, fetched the Little Girls from preschool and welcomed the Little Boys off the bus in the afternoon… Tessia and Megan rode with the guys.

Tess stands out in the blue and white cold with those pink coveralls…

It must have warmed up a smidge, since Megan is just in her sweatshirt! It sure looked like a pretty day out there, but I’m still glad I stayed home to babysit. And they were grateful for a warm lunch when they finally made it home. I was grateful for not having to slip and slide in the snow.

I guess we are lucky all around!

(pics courtesy of The Girls)

#TBT: Burton Girls

Looking back even farther than last week… I must have been in college!? Unbelievably, in a week, my mom will have been gone for nine years… but she made me laugh the other day! I can still hear her voice!

Left to right, my mom, Jerri Underwood Burton; me! (In pigtails and baseball cap); my sister-in-law, M. Burton, my niece, L. H. Burton; my grandmother, Lila Underwood; and my sister, D. Burton.

All I can say is, dang! I was skinny! That was a long time ago!

Wordless Wednesday – “Cliff Face”

previewCliff Face

Book Discussion

I held my book discussion on The First White Woman In The Big Horn Basin by Paul Frison. This local history book is fascinating in so many ways! For those of you really interested, the Washakie Museum in Worland has some new reprints for sale.

The book discussion can be watched here.