Wet Days

For the month of May, my rain gauge is reading 4.11”! We’re not done yet, either. Oh, well…

After dishes and some laundry, I used the grey morning to work on my table…

Originally, I had planned on woodburning something on the legs… but I’m behind on my gift making and I need to finish this quickly and get to making other stuff! I decided to paint the legs… oh, my! That was a disaster!

I thought it was ghastly! Too bright, too much, just, oh, Lordy, too… everything!

I went back to my sandpaper…

Well. That’s better. I kept going round and round, sanding. Faded colors are good. I need to experiment… darker stain to bring out the wood grain? Burning it to bring out the wood grain? Dark wax? I’m not sure what my next step will be…

Well, I do… I’m going to do black and white stripes on the base of the legs… and then I will try to find something!

Anyone have any brilliant ideas?

#TBT: So Much To Tell 2.0

Another repeat post from 2008. I talk about how it rained and rained and snowed… That we’d had over 2” of moisture… it sounds so eerie since this year we have had 3.6” of rain this month!

Flooding had begun. That hasn’t happened here yet, but all that white snow on the mountain will come down sometime! Like most things, the weather cycles through… and so, the 11 year old blog post sounds fairly repetitive.

There was no photo on the original blog, so here’s another new one to make up the difference.

Wordless Wednesday – “Rider Coming”

If you’d like to try your hand at a jigsaw puzzle of this photo… go HERE.

Table Sides

I’ll take a short break from branding, and share the latest photos from my woodburned and painted table. It’s coming along!

I’ve almost completed the sides. I realized I totally forgot a block just yesterday. There will be a light stain on the bare wood. I will paint the legs, give it an acrylic finish, and it’ll be complete!

What do you think?

Branding Video

I’ve always been a bit hesitant to post full videos of branding… there’s so much going on… but I’ve done this blog since 2008, and I imagine I’ve posted so many photos, that by now, it doesn’t really matter that it’s a video!

If you have a legitimate question, I’ll always answer them… just check out the Questions&Answers tab at the top of this blog.

Before you ask, you might want to review this post from 2014 entitled Ten Things You May Not Know About: Branding.

Daniel is roping on Zip. Zip is a very calm horse in the roping pen with the calves. Not every horse is cut out for that job. Calves are roped by their heels, both are preferred, but one is fine. The “wrestlers” position the calf on the right side since our brand is on the left rib. To hold a calf, strength is good, but leverage can work for you, too. Victoria still wrestles calves, and I wrestled my share back in the day! Calves are given shots to prevent illness and a boost of minerals for good health. To keep track of which calves have received which shots, you mark them with colored “chalk”, which is a job little kids love to do! Tess, Megan, and Vernon gave the shots at this branding. Johnny, Brandon, and I branded the calves. Quinlan, Jaxon, and even Lacee helped hold calves, crawling in the laps of experienced wrestlers and hanging on for dear life! Great neighbors filled in the jobs of ropers and wrestlers and fire-tenders.

It is mass chaos until you figure out the method. It’s also a dangerous place with horses, ropes, calves, sharp needles, and hot irons looking for ways to hurt you! We’ve never had a bad wreck, thank goodness, just small ones!