#TBT : 1962 Meat Supply

When I said I grew up on wild game… I wasn’t kidding.

This is my dad skinning his deer in the back yard… strung up on mom’s clothesline pole!  My older sister and brother are there… and that little blondie with the squished up face is me!  For some weird juvenile period in my life, I thought squishing my face up like this in photos was neato.  Or cool.  Or whatever we said in 1962.

I know ruining photos for a couple of years frustrated my mom… and, thankfully I outgrew that… but back then… it’s what I did!

Wordless Wednesday : Big Sky Rider

previewBig Sky Rider

Annual Checkup

Hey, the cows get preg tested every fall… the bulls have to do their tests, too!  It’s only fair…

Our vet has a tremendous sense of humor.   He has this on the side of his pull behind trailer… though we reminded him we were working BULLS today!

Bulls are checked to see if they are producing good semen.  No need to keep them around if they aren’t going to get our cows pregnant!  It’s not a very fun visit with the vet… but we’ve all been there with our doctors, right?


The Good Doctor also takes samples from the bulls to test for Trichomoniasis.  Everyone just calls it “trick”.  It is a venereal disease that causes cows to lose their calves.  If you’d like to read the technical details about it, you can read some here.

It’s not a fun day to be a bull…

The rest of the year, they have a pretty good life! 😉


Already… it’s time for pumpkin carving.

I do believe they’re getting the hang of this!

Paper Folded Pumpkin

I made this for the Harvest Dinner raffle.  It was my first try, and not a very good one… but I now have the process figured out if I ever want to try it again.  It’s amazing what detail some people can accomplish in their book folding!  I’m happy enough with my funny little jack-o-lantern!