Youth Rodeo

Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Girl, and the Lion appeared with their escorts at Ten Sleep’s Youth Rodeo today.

A couple of fishermen landed some really large black fish.

There was plenty of roping and riding, playing and general fun…

The kids had a wonderful time… and received some wonderful prizes.  Thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors.

Pretty Cool

I zipped up with Vernon to put out salt and mineral for the heifers today… always an enjoyable drive, even if it was still fairly warm up there… it wasn’t as hot as it was down here!  And besides, the views are pretty cool!  😉

#TBT: Old Cellar

This photo is from my mother-in-law’s side of the family.  It may be a little different, but I thought you’d agree that this above ground root cellar is pretty creative!  Instead of digging down or into the side of the hill, the root cellar building was “built up with rocks and each layer filled with dirt never freezes”.

Photos from 1921 and 1922.  Ten Sleep.

Wordless Wednesday – “Big Trails”

previewBig Trails

Another Work Day

Gathering at the edge of Otter Creek Canyon.

When you manage for grass… some places can grow stirrup high and higher grass!

This place is a great example!

My allergies can attest to it!