There are signs of spring everywhere…

the snow quickly melting, creating mud and puddles…

red-winged blackbirds trilling in the branches…

and Lucas… adding bags of dog hair to the trash pile!

Don’t let anyone tell you English Shepherds don’t shed!

Holy, Hair Ball, Batman!


Spoons – Again

Spent the day sick in bed… but found more spoons to share…


A few days ago, Winter was still snuggled happily in her blanket of snow.  Buried in white, nestled along hills and creek sides, joyfully providing shades of blue and grey on top of her glaring brilliance.

Today, Winter’s rude little brother showed up, snatching her blanket back from her bed. Warm wind melted snow, running water under the layers of white, turning silent snow to puddles of dirtied slush.  Taunting with his message of Spring, Winter tries to hold onto her cover of white, but the tug of war game may indeed be won by Spring.  We all know, with histories of siblings in our memories, that Winter may indeed have a last touch, or two, before this dispute is settled.

#TBT: Calendar Cowboys

In among collected old photos was this calendar from 1965.  The photo’s caption is “Roundup Crew on Nowood River – 1908”.  While not directly linked to us, there are many degrees of interest here.

In 1908, the Greets were still on their homestead on Spring Creek, but one year later, they would move to our current place on the Nowood purchased from Joe Henry, the second man from the left.

Two other men in the photo would also have a significant year in 1909.  Charles Faris (pictured in the background holding the herd) and Herb Brink (third from the right) would both be embroiled in the Spring Creek Raid, to which the Greet Brothers were witnesses.  It happened the last night on their Spring Creek homestead before moving to the Joe Henry place.

Riders left to right:  Charles Faris, Billy Horton, Joe Henry, Tuck Keaton, Frank Davis, Paul Berg, Herb Brink, George McClellan, Frank Helmer

Wordless Wednesday – “The Commodore’s Son”

previewThe Commodore’s Son