#TBT: A Team

When I first arrived at the ranch, oh, a Loooooong Time Ago… We used a team to feed cows in the winter.  During the summer, they lived a life of leisure.

But one time, someone arranged a Team Pulling Contest down at the Ten Sleep Rodeo Grounds.

Johnny took Buck and Booger down to compete.  They didn’t win, but I did get a pic that now I can use for my Throwback Thursday post!

Wordless Wednesday – “White on Grey”

previewWhite On Grey

Mystery In The Coop

I do believe I have a dilemma.  I’ve been having a mystery in the chicken coop.

There’s been an unidentified perpetrator destroying eggs.  The first suspects were the young roosters.  Over time, the circle of life dismissed the roosters from the suspect list.  That left the one young hen, as I didn’t think my tried and true hens would break that confidence.

I locked up the hen in a dog crate, where she layed her own tiny eggs, but left them undamaged… And I still had few eggs.

Other suspects?  Skunk?  Raccoon?

No tracks in the snow.

Now along the way, there’s been an innocent or two… Eden, who enters the coop to snitch a snack of frozen chicken poo as a treat in the morning.  I don’t believe she even knows about the eggs.  The cat, who picks at the scraps, completely ignores the baby chicks, and occasionally has even spent the night in the coop!

I just couldn’t get enough clues.

I dismissed Eden, because she can only get in the coop when I’m there.

The young hen sure didn’t bother her own egg when locked up with it.

All I had was a very fat cat and a mystery.

Since the cat is about of age, my initial thought was that she was pregnant.  It’s been too long, though, and she never grew bigger.  I began to question her innocence.

The past two days, with this deep snow, I’ve kept the chickens locked in their coop.  I’ve collected undamaged eggs each day.

Initially, I would find cracked eggshells and slime in the nestboxes.  Now, the eggs just disappear with no trace.

My conclusion of this lengthy investigation?

Initially, the young roosters began the cannibalizing of the eggs.  As they each disappeared into the stewpot, the frequency diminished.  Along comes the cat, enters the tiny door, and cleans up the cracked eggs.  The roosters are no longer available to crack open the shells, but entire eggs disappeared.

I couldn’t hardly believe a cat could swallow an entire egg… But either she does, or hauls them off somewhere to devour them.  That explains her distended belly.

So, what’s your opinion?  Have you ever heard of an egg stealing cat?  Should I set up my GoPro to catch her in the act?  And even more importantly, how can I let my chickens out, without letting that cat IN???


Winter Storm

When you hit the highway and visibility is one and a half delineator posts…

When the snowplow must be busy on the mountain because your highway is still unplowed…

When your wheels throw up more snow on your rear window than your wiper can handle…

When your top speed of 30 mph seems plenty fast…

When you wonder if work should have just been cancelled…

When you make it to work fifteen minutes late…

When you find out your boss ran off her dirt road before she even made it to the highway…

It might just be a winter storm in Wyoming.

The outhouse curled her hair…

Spoon Again

More spoons ready to go.

All with a western theme, no surprise.

But then, inspiration came… And this guy appeared.

With flames on the handle, and his eye on the front, I’ll be sorry to see this guy go.