Crafting Ideas

This week will be filled with cow work, but before it all starts, I’m trying to get a few things started to donate to the library’s Harvest Dinner Auction.  It’s not until October 13, but that just means it’ll be here before I know it…

I’m looking into putting some of my photos onto unique items like cake pans and cutting boards.  I finally found somewhere that will make larger cutting boards than those it’s itsy bitsy cheese boards!

I’m just having a hard time choosing what photos to use!

Then there’s my wooden spoons, of course, though I have custom orders to finish!

Then there are these little book letters.

I’m loving them, and getting better at my scroll saw.  I’m also trying to decide on shapes that would lend themselves to this process… maybe a sitting cat or half of an evergreen tree…

Ideas for anything, anyone?

Be Born In A Barn

When it comes to local festivals that I make it a point to attend… Born In A Barn comes in a solid second to Longmire Days, but it’s a totally different event.  Here it’s all about repurposing, reinventing, and tons of artistic creativity!

I mean, look!  Old shovels and buckets and your holiday decor is complete!

There were more people in attendance than ever before… the morning was crazy!

Of course, we went round and round the tents, barns, and sheds, and the afternoon was much slower.  We could actually see more things!  There were 75 vendors plus food and music.

Yes, I latched on to some jewelry… a turquoise colored pitcher for my collection… and an old wool blanket.  Someday I might buy something different, but that seems to be what I always come away with.

Thanks to Born In A Barn… it was another fun day!


#TBT: Deer Rescue

’Tis the season, or almost, so I thought I would just reshare a popular post of mine from 2015 instead of a historical photo.

This is the story of two mule deer bucks, horns interlocked, and the intervention of me and the Wyoming Game and Fish.

To the Rescue


Wordless Wednesday – “Creek View”

previewCreek View