Order Up!

I’m thrilled to say I *finally* finished my custom order for burned spoons!  Just on the off chance that a recipient who will be getting one of these might read my blog… I’m not showing their names that are burned into the handle, nor the reverse little icon, either.

I just finished the hawk tonight, and I’m so happy I changed my original design to this one!  I think he looks pretty awesome.

This was fun… We talked about these women’s professions and interests and hobbies… and then… I just drew what came to me!

Thanks, C., for ordering these for your friends… and I hope they enjoy them!

#TBT: Six Years

A little “newer” #tbt than usual…

This little guy appeared six (!) years ago…

And he’s added a great deal of laughter, an incredible smile, and a good heart to all our lives.

Happy birthday, Jaxon!

(November 9)

Wordless Wednesday: Eden’s Watching



Now that all of our cattle were home, we needed to do some sorting.

We have more work to do with our heifers, so we had to keep them separate.

With six of us in the alley, the cows didn’t have a chance!

Eartag numbers were called, Brandon and Johnny had collaborated on a list, cows either went “in” through Tess’ gate, or “by” into my gate, or even “triangle” for that shaped section of the corral behind me.

Thousands of steps later…

and a couple of miles on horseback…

and a short session of babysitting in the front of a pickup…

The cows were all in the right place… ready for tomorrow’s round of work!


Stormy Ride

After delaying our gather on our Mesa Pasture for two days, we had to do it today, come rain or shine… or snow.  Yesterday, Daniel had pulled the pump from the creek, and the cows would have no water to drink.  That left us no choice.

We were bundled up… good thing, too.  The day alternated from cloudy to snow to cloudy to windy… and just plain cold.

The cows were anxious to go SOMEWHERE, and they missed a turn or two along the way, the storm revving their energy level!

We were lucky.  No big storm hit us until we were just finishing up… we hope that luck holds, as we will be doing cow work all week!