Learning Fast

I’m taking the fast way out, by posting a video onto my Red Dirt Facebook page. No, you don’t have to have a Facebook account to watch it.

This little calf looks half deer… but she was feeling good.

Trying out those brand new legs.

Posted by Red Dirt In My Soul on Saturday, March 16, 2019


Nothing is looking as good to us as slightly warmer temps and plenty of sunshine.

#TBT: Proud to be Green

Let’s Throwback Thursday to 1973…

This is me in my Cadette Girl Scout uniform… and since the Girl Scout birthday was just on March 12, hey… why not? I probably could scrape up photos of me in all my uniforms, from Brownies to Seniors… and then throw in some camp counselor and troop leader and adult trainer pics as well. Frankly, I could probably have a book. But today, you get one!

Wordless Wednesday – “Peekaboo”


OK, yes, I spelled it wrong. What can I say?


Once calves are on the ground, you can’t just ignore the babies. Unfortunately, calves can easily pick up a bug, and some are nastynasty. Brandon does a walk through as the calves are taking their late morning nap. He looks for calves that are dropping their ears down, feeling bleh. They may or may not have diarrhea. It’s actually not that hard to tell when a calf isn’t feeling right…

He will give it what it needs, depending on its symptoms. Then he will make a note of it on his phone in the cattle records, so we can trace each calf and medicine.

The past two days have been gorgeous, with sunshine and melting snow and more babies born each day. A blizzard warning is out for Wyoming for tomorrow. We hope it doesn’t turn into a major one, as we have so many babies yet to be born…