No. Yes. No. Yes.

One hour notification. Well, we pulled it off.

With over an inch and a half of rain, we cancelled yesterday’s branding… and cancelled today’s chance at it too. Then the rain stopped. It turned partly cloudy and breezy and the guys decided to brand after all.

It’s not easy to throw things together in such a short time, but we did it…

In short order with good help, we got it done.


Branding was cancelled today. There was well over half an inch of rain this morning, and it continued all day with a total this moment of 1.57”. That’s quite a bit for this high desert country!

Weather forecasts show a slight window tomorrow afternoon, and then cold, rainy, and cloudy for the rest of the week. Highs in the 40’s!

Yes, it snowed a bit today… the snow line is just up the mountain road a smidge. It is 36*, and I’m hoping my new little apple tree will be fine. It should be as it’s a zone 3 variety!

We all know that when it warms up again, the grass will be tall and lush, and we’ll be scrambling to make up for all the time we’ve lost!

So what’s new?

I didn’t cook all my food last night, I was fairly certain we wouldn’t be branding… though I may be scrambling tomorrow if the sky clears! Time will tell…

It was a bummer for Victoria and crew who came over the mountain to help… but what can ya do?

Snow and my rototiller in one shot…


We’re supposed to brand tomorrow. While the weather has been gorgeous the past few days, today it was cloudy, breezy, and foggy with intermittent rain. Tomorrow’s forecast is worse.

You can’t brand wet calves… so it may get cancelled.

The fog didn’t help our ride this morning, either… It’s hard to find cows when you can’t see.

It made for some different photos, though!

#TBT: Branded 2.0

I’m about out of historical photos… though I’ve held a few back for later down the road. I thought maybe I’d go back into the history here on Red Dirt In My Soul… back when it was simply an addendum entitled “Overlook” on my Rimrock English Shepherds website.

The website is gone… seven years of not having puppies doesn’t really qualify me for a “breeder” of English Shepherds! But the blog – renamed, relocated, and renewed, carried on the stories of those dogs, this ranch, and my family.

It’s always easy to see what happened years ago, a simple scroll or view to the right sidebar will show the “Look Back In Time” section. Pick a year… there’s probably an entry there pretty much the same as we’re doing this year! Only the very beginning years may be photo-less, but due to a faithful reader, most photos are where they’re supposed to be…

I just thought we’d look back ten years… pick a photo from that post, and re-post it as v. 2.0. It’s kind of fun to do… a young Lucas, kids in college… there’s been a fair amount of change around here. Go ahead and read the entire post if you’d like, or just enjoy this photo from “Branded”, May 16, 2009.


Daniel on Rooster

Wordless Wednesday: “Eating Spring Greens”

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