#TBT: Dusty Corral

This shot from the 1930’s shows a dusty corral and a head catch.  The calves are little, and one guy might be holding a calf… at least that’s the position you take at branding to hold a calf.  I’m not sure what’s going on… but the dusty corral was us on Wednesday!

They weaned the calves and I guess it was bad!

I was working in my clean library so I missed it, but I have been there/done that.  And we know, as evidenced here, that it’s gone on around here for a looonnnngg time!

Wordless Wednesday – “Git Her”

previewGit Her

Is She?

It’s that time of year.

Pregnancy testing of our heifers and cows.

This year we decided to split up our humongous work day into two.  Today was spent on the heifers, gathering, trailing, and preg testing by the vet.

The little girls were there to watch for a bit.

Back to the Barn

No, not Born in a Barn, but back to it.  We started a remodel job of sorts a while ago.  Tired of stacking saddles three high in our little tack room, we expanded it.  However, we never really finished it.

Tess and I attacked it and made good progress.  Another day of sorting off old crispy leather pieces of tack, and we just might declare it finished.

We now have room for 17 saddles!  We did store some older, vintage ones in the top of the barn, just because we ran out of room.

Old, but still serviceable items for repair, I tried to be creative in their storage form.

Some of the more interesting and antique items I displayed on a wall.  I mean, if you’ve been in the ranching business for over one hundred years, you can have a display wall in your barn if you want.