Wordless Wednesday – “Autumn Creek”

previewAutumn Creek

It’s Done!

Treat yourself!  Twelve of my very favorite photos from this year are a visual delight for each month.  Other special ones highlight holidays. Follow this link , click on “preview” to see the calendar and then feel free to order directly from lulu and have it shipped directly to you.

Thanks for your support!

Hours and Hours

Hours and hours spent choosing and setting up my 2019 calendar!

It will be ready momentarily!

I Suppose…

I hate to say it, but I suppose it’s time to put away my rain barrel for the season.

If there’s one thing that makes having chickens easier… it’s not having to haul them water every day!  With the smidgen of rain that we get in Wyoming… my rain barrel off the coop roof was more than enough to water them, and the cat, and other birds, and the dogs as they ran by!  In fact, I had connected another barrel to it because the 55 gallon would fill up and just out of curiousity, I wondered how much more I could get off that tiny roof!  Another 40 gallons appeared… but, of course, I just let it drain away since I rarely, if ever, used the 55 gallons up!

As it’s starting to freeze… and hard freezes at night… the other night it was down to 0˚!

I had to pull the plug before all my fittings froze and cracked…

It’s back to hauling jugs of water…