#TBT: The Beginning

No surprise. Lucas. 2008. … Continue reading

The End of a Journey

How do you start?  How do you begin to tell the story when your heart is ripped out and tears pour from your eyes?  Your fingers spend as much time wiping your eyes and nose as they do typing.  This … Continue reading

#TBT: Kinda Sorta

To switch it up a bit from those classic black and whites of long ago ranching… This #tbt is actually from May 2018’s English Shepherd calendar.  So current, but not… You might just recognize Miss Dally and Daniel.  The photo … Continue reading

#TBT: Young Daddy

With the possibility of some acupuncture in Lucas’ future now that the Good Doctor’s partner is certified for it, I thought I’d revisit Lucas’ one and only session way back in 2009.  The video is here if you’d like to … Continue reading