Wet Days

For the month of May, my rain gauge is reading 4.11”! We’re not done yet, either. Oh, well… After dishes and some laundry, I used the grey morning to work on my table… Originally, I had planned on woodburning something … Continue reading

Table Sides

I’ll take a short break from branding, and share the latest photos from my woodburned and painted table. It’s coming along! I’ve almost completed the sides. I realized I totally forgot a block just yesterday. There will be a light … Continue reading

Day… Excited

Wyoming is reverting to winter for a bit… winter storm warnings are out, though right here it remains simply a cold rain. Nasty weather makes me stay inside… inside lets me work on… the table! No, it’s not finished, but, … Continue reading

Day Plus

I work outside… in my house… then I have to sit down and work on the table for a bit! This thing is irresistible! I’m seeing if I like the rather translucent paint versus just a solid coating. So far … Continue reading

Day Somethingorother

I have still been working on my woodburned table… but keeping track of how many days I’ve worked on it has gone by the wayside. I decided to add a quote around the edges as well… “You can’t go back … Continue reading