Spoon Again

More spoons ready to go. All with a western theme, no surprise. But then, inspiration came… And this guy appeared. With flames on the handle, and his eye on the front, I’ll be sorry to see this guy go. … Continue reading


Playing some more… I do the fronts with a small pic, the back with the major pic, and the handles with a pattern as well. The bottom is my kids’ brands surrounded by a tooled leather style design. These are … Continue reading

Hot Craft

Oh, sure, I have some wire jewelry that needs made, but, you know me… I’m off to another fun craft I had planned to use to make some Christmas presents. I’m a little late, but having fun woodburning these spoons … Continue reading


In between making some Christmas cookies… and cleaning… and wrapping… I’m working on a few gifts. Since I gave this one away yesterday… I can share! Running Buffalo! … Continue reading

Mercury Glass

Every little bit, I’m trying to squeeze in some crafting. ‘Tis the season, dontchya know? I’m on a mercury glass kick right now… Those old, mottled, silvered/mirrored glass objects… not the real stuff, I probably couldn’t afford those.  Just a … Continue reading