#TBT – Indian Dress

So many of you liked my cradleboard I made, I thought I’d share my Indian dress I also made back in the day. It now hangs on the wall in my Indian room. A neighbor helped me with the design … Continue reading

Library Donations

I’ve been working on what I’m donating to our library silent auction. This doesn’t really show up well, It’s just a pine tree shape cut from a green hardback book.  It does look cute on my counter though! I covered … Continue reading

Beeswax and Cotton

Before I know it, our library fundraiser will sneak up on me… and so I’m trying to work on my silent auction donations. Today’s craft was a mixture of new and old.  Have you ever read books where to waterproof … Continue reading

Magnet Play

Playing… I’ve seen a lot of Harry Potter wood burned gifts… but, Harry isn’t my style.  Since I’m rewatching, and enjoying Star Trek Enterprise, I thought I’d make myself a set of Star Trek magnets! I wanted to put this … Continue reading

Order Up!

I’m thrilled to say I *finally* finished my custom order for burned spoons!  Just on the off chance that a recipient who will be getting one of these might read my blog… I’m not showing their names that are burned … Continue reading