Questions and Answers – October 2015 Edition

Finally, I’m getting to the Q&A’s!!! Carolyn: How did the plastic tags work for weaning Brandon’s calves? I was telling Joe about it yesterday, but have either missed the blog saying how it worked, or you haven’t mentioned it yet 🙂 … Continue reading

Questions and Answers: August 2015 Edition

Marilyn M: Is this normal to take your herd to the mountain this late in the year? We are going later for two reasons.  One, the most important, is because we have so much larkspur on our mountain pasture, we … Continue reading

Questions and Answers- July 2015 Edition part two

I had this finished last night and then lost it when my internet connection faded in and out and in and out…  Let’s try again! Linda: Question that you may have already answered, but I missed it. You posted about … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – July 2015 Edition

Rosemary asked:  How many acres is your ranch? Is all of that useable grazing land? Do you also run cattle on federal land leases? Rosemary, welcome to Red Dirt country!  I guess I haven’t discussed this in a Q&A for … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – May 2015 Edition – Part Two

Kris:  How about an Eden update? I’d love to hear how she’s coming along. Eden is a pistol, and I rarely keep up with her.  She is definitely a gopher hunter, she’s usually covered in red dirt and wet from … Continue reading