Questions and Answers: March 2016 Edition (Part Two)

Joan: “What do you suppose made it tangle like that? Isn’t barbed wire usually tight enough for that not to happen?” Twists in barbed wire are usually caused by wildlife jumping them and catching on the wires with their legs.  … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – March 2016 Edition – Part One

Jo – “is that an old osage orange tree?” and Kay – “What kind of tree is that ? Is it alive ?” This tree is an old cottonwood.  It is alive.  There’s a little road that is used occasionally … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – January 2016 Edition

Joanne : My question. Is it possibly to give an overview of the life of your calves. From birth do you keep them all or are some sold as calves rather than adult cows. How long do you keep the … Continue reading

Questions and Answers – October 2015 Edition

Finally, I’m getting to the Q&A’s!!! Carolyn: How did the plastic tags work for weaning Brandon’s calves? I was telling Joe about it yesterday, but have either missed the blog saying how it worked, or you haven’t mentioned it yet 🙂 … Continue reading

Questions and Answers: August 2015 Edition

Marilyn M: Is this normal to take your herd to the mountain this late in the year? We are going later for two reasons.  One, the most important, is because we have so much larkspur on our mountain pasture, we … Continue reading