Questions and Answers- July 2015 Edition part two

I had this finished last night and then lost it when my internet connection faded in and out and in and out…  Let’s try again!

Linda: Question that you may have already answered, but I missed it. You posted about that hilarious (sorry bulls) post about those bulls’ equipment getting, uhm, broken. And you’ve also posted about AI. So do some cows receive AI and others the “real thing?” Or both? I’m sure I’m not using the correct terminology here, but hey, I grew up in orange groves, not a bull in sight.

Linda, you cracked me up!  Hey, to be fair, all I know about orange grove terminology is tree, leaves, blossoms, and oranges!!!  We only AI our yearling heifers… the ones that will calve next spring.  Cows have a nine month gestation like humans do.  Once we finish AI-ing, we put in a bull to “cover” them on their next cycle.  There’s a term for you!  Everyone else gets the real thing.

Joanne: Oh I do love cloud dancing and big sky photos. Thank you Carol. Could we have a mini video when you drive over the Big Horn Mountains, when the sky is dancing or painting her sunset, or when the change of season is in full colour?

I’ve been over the Big Horns twice this weekend, but it didn’t even cross my mind.  Well, the trip home Sunday night was gorgeous, but I try to watch the road closely in the dark.  You never know when it will throw an elk or two or some deer in your way!  But sure, I’ll make another video soon.  Took one today as a matter of fact, but it was mainly scenery.  Do go check out the Videos tab at the top of the page, they should all be there.

Sandy: Q: Did you ever teach school? Has Eden left her puppiness behavior behind and is she being a more obedient cattle dog these days?

I was just a substitute down here in Ten Sleep for a while…  I let my certification lapse.  I also worked for Eleutian, teaching English to Korean children and adults.  I liked that in some respects… It was VERY different!  Eden has flashes of brilliance, but more often than not is more interested in looking for mice and bunnies.  They are everywhere this year and pretty hard to discourage your dog from when they jump out from behind every single sagebrush!

Joanne: Question: I’ve just watched a BBC TV programme on life on an Edwardian Farm. Every 6-8 weeks their horses ‘feet’ were checked. Hooves clipped, new shoes fitted if needed. So, what do you need to do to make sure all of your horses ‘feet’ are in good condition for the work they do on your ranch?

We have a farrier come out in late spring, just as we are beginning to move cattle.  It is very rocky country here as you can tell from my photos and videos, so there is no letting them go barefoot when we are riding.  It’s alright in the winter, softer ground and snow, and horses pick their way through the rocks, but now, where we ride them almost everyday, they definitely need shoes.  The farrier may come back to reset shoes or replace them one more time before we pull them off for winter.

Nancy: over the lifetime of the ranch has the size changed much. do you still own all the original land and has it been added to over the years? I am asking in general terms no amounts needed.

Lol!  Thanks for the cordial question!  The original we still own and it has been added to many times and split just once.  We used to be Greet Brothers but that was over long before I arrived on the scene.  Most were very small additions, usually someone else’s failed homestead.  Then the place where I live and that was not so long ago!

Jan:Hello, Carol:  I found your page while checking out the Longmire Days posts on FaceBook. I haven’t been able to make it to LD yet, but hope to next year. I live in the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina and it is a very long trip for me. I know it was wonderful and I love the photos you have posted so far. I’ll be following your blog from now on. Since watching Longmire, I am obsessed with all things Wyoming!

Jan, welcome to Red Dirt Country!  I would encourage any fan to come to Longmire Days.  I don’t know of any shows that have similar “parties”… Oh, we know of Star Trek conventions and Comic-cons, but those actors aren’t just wandering around the street dance or lawn signing personalized autographs and taking photos!  You’ll have a blast!

Thanks, folks… I think I covered them all!!!

I do have a couple of questions for you though!  First, have you heard of Periscope?  It is simply a way to live stream an event through your iPad or smartphone.  You download the app and you can see where people are posting videos worldwide, or you can follow Twitter friends, or follow new people.  I thought about using it for a Q&A session if enough of you were interested.  You could see me and hear me and type me questions… If that sounds like it might be fun, check it out, and that may be in our future!

Next, I’d like to know about changing my schedule here on Red Dirt.  I am just betting I may get a few more readers if I didn’t post at almost midnight every night!!! I would still write it at night, but I wouldn’t post it until morning when, you know, more readers are awake and not in their books (like me in just a few) … so… do you read me late at night, lurking until my post pops up?  Do you read me over breakfast?  Or lunchbreak at work?  Oh, I know I say I don’t worry about readership, but every once in a while, I like switching things up!  What do you think?

This is for Davelyn, who asked me in person if she read my posts, would she see cowboys and cows and horses and stuff?  Uh, yup.  Here’s my son and husband about 7 this morning.  Other son in the distance on a four wheeler… me, I’m on horseback too, but I didn’t get Panama’s ears in this shot!



Questions and Answers- July 2015 Edition part two — 11 Comments

  1. I read you blog in the (my) morning as I’m 7 hours ahead of your MT. Like other readers I love the stories of life on your ranch and updates on Longmire. A good way to start the day.

  2. Carol,
    I usually read Red Dirt in the evening before I hit the hay.
    Enjoy every word. Still don’t know where you get all your energy! Is there ever a Longmire gathering out here in CA? I think I would be interested in attending.

  3. I’m in central time and usually read your blog sometime before noon when I sit down at the computer to check email and facebook posts. I have never heard of Periscope. Don’t think I would use it because I don’t tweet. I just facebook.

  4. I’m also in EST/EDT, and I read you first thing in the morning, over my coffee. I think they arrive about 2 am (I’m a nightowl so sometimes see them arrive) but then I save them for the morning. Love the glimpses into a way of life so very different from my own. And thanks again for introducing me to Longmire!

  5. I start my day with the reading of your blog and daily coyote blog. You are amazing that you keep this up day after day and I appreciate it. It keeps me going as I sit in my windowless office glued to the computer.
    Thanks so much! Let me know if you want some more round rocks from Lake Michigan I would be glad to send a box of them your way.

  6. I check the blog most week day mornings between 630 and 8 central…. before my work day starts. But if I read a day or two behind – that is fine…. It is your blog and your time, we just love that you do this.

    FYI: I have a friend who is Periscope obsessed. He will NOT do Facebook, twitter or Instagram at all. But he will spend hours watching Periscope. Me – haven’t even looked into it yet.

  7. You are in my emails every morning when I get up and I enjoy reading you 1st thing in the morning, but I would read it no matter what time it came. I enjoyed this round of Q and A’s.

  8. I’ve never heard of Periscope. I’d be interested, depending on the time of day. I usually read your blog late at night, but that’s just because I’m a night owl. It doesn’t make any difference to me what time of day you post. 🙂

    Did you ever answer how that bull “broke himself?” (If you know, of course) If you did, I missed it.

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