Questions and Answers – May 2015 Edition – Part One

Kay: So with a rare May snowstorm, would the cows and calves be rounded up and moved to shelter and fed hay ?

Late spring storms are not unusual in Wyoming.  The cows and calves are out in large pastures with hills and cedars and rocky ridges, all which provide shelter.  It isn’t feasible to gather them for a normal storm.  They can take care of themselves fairly well, and so we let them.  Now, had we been expecting two feet of snow, we might have pushed them into a protected area where we could have gotten feed to them if it became necessary.  The beauty of spring storms, though, is that within a day or two, they’ve usually melted away.  Green grass is better than hay, so, no, we don’t gather them this time of year for storms.

Molly:  I have a silly question. Isn’t it almost summer in your part of the world, how are you having snow again? Maybe I am confused being from way down here.

It’s not a silly question, but I had to giggle at it.  You’re exactly right, we are supposed to be going into summer, so why the snow??  I have been snowed on even in July here in Wyoming!  Our high altitude, mountains, and a cool, wet storm can create snow any time.  We have to be prepared, dress in layers, and have emergency supplies in our vehicles.  I can understand your confusion… sometimes it boggles Wyomingites’ minds too!

Irmgard: Question: “A Look Back in Time” tells me that M.C. has been/is doing a phenomenal job with rebuilding your blog. Some time ago, you said that M.C. had completed 2012 – but now, from 2009 through 2014, *all the photos are there*!!! Amazing and totally awesome! Is M.C. all caught up and finished with her labor of love for Red Dirt In My Soul?

I agree, M.C. did a fantastic job of rebuilding my site.  She has since turned it over to me to recheck posts she thinks are missing photos or to make sure the right ones are in the right spot.  Number of posts I’ve checked on???  Zero, I’m ashamed to say.  I owe everything to her because, obviously, it’s not a job I relish at all!  Thanks so much for noticing, and thanks for checking my “A Look Back in Time” posts! Multiple, multiple kudos to M.C.

Nancy:  since you like the Longmire books I was wondering if you have read any cj box books and if you like them

I get this question at the library all the time.  Yes, I read the first couple of C.J. Box books.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he is a Wyoming author who writes a series of murder/mystery books about a Game and Fish warden, Joe Pickett, whose territory includes a place called “Twelve Sleep, Wyoming”.  He has written other books without Joe Pickett as well.  Honestly, no, I’m not a big fan.  The first couple of books were ok… but I had no burning desire to keep reading, no “relationship” with the character of Joe Pickett, and so I quit.  Then he had a book, maybe last year, that everyone raved about, and I thought, “OK, I’ll give him another chance.”  The book started with a pervert watching people in a truck stop, thinking about raping and killing some young girls and I read the first bit and that was enough.  I don’t need that stuff in my life.  I returned the book.  Some people like him more than Craig Johnson, he seems to be popular with high school boys… but, nah, he’s not for me.  He doesn’t seem to be the big supporter of libraries that Craig Johnson is either… I guess if you’re big enough, like Casper or Cody, but you don’t see him in Meeteetse or Ten Sleep!  You know, that’s the cool thing about books… there are some for everyone!

Judy:  How will the Bees do in this new weather situation?

Well, they should do ok, but the worst thing you can do is check on them when it’s cold… so I haven’t!  Bees work hard on maintaining their temperature in the hive so the brood can grow and honey can dehydrate… plus just to keep from freezing.  The time I worked them with my Chicago friends here, I had a big reaction to a single sting… so I’m very, very cautious now.  Where before I may go check on them just to check on them, now, I’m only going when I think I should! I’m bummed because I liked doing it, but it may be a while before the pure enjoyment comes back.

Pam:  do you have any more mugs for sale? Mine sprung a leak and it’s the only one I ever use! Would love to purchase another if you any one ( or 2).

So sorry your mug is unusable… I do have two on hand.  One is the red mesa with yucca (a favorite photo of mine), the other has six photos from this year’s calendar on it.  Let me know if you’d like one!

Sandy: how in the world do you get done all that you do!? You are just amazing. Do you ever get tired out, or have a day off!

Oh, heavens!  There’s plenty of times I’m not doing anything special!  I rotate… housework, garden, ranchwork when needed, crafts, grandkids… When I’m working on crafts, the housework suffers, and vice versa.  I just want to make and create and do, it’s part of who I am.  I’ve never been very tolerant of people that are “bored”.  REALLY?  There’s so much to do!!!  Sure, I get tired, but my days are full, and I can’t think of too much else that makes me as happy!

Wow… I had more questions than I thought!  That is great!

Part Two will come tomorrow!


Questions and Answers – May 2015 Edition – Part One — 7 Comments

  1. Carol thanks for the kudos. 🙂

    I do though need to let your readers know just how hard you worked to restore your blog. I had the easy part, just relinking the image files while catching up on all the posts I’d missed reading while still working.

    You did the really really hard part- you had to find the correct backup disks and then sit at the computer by the hour to upload all the images.

    And you were smart to print off all the posts so you could do the final check and fix the problems.

    I know that your part took an incredible amount of time and effort and I, as one of your readers, really appreciate the work you did.

    I think it is increasingly important that the world gets and opportunity to learn how others live and even more so how our food is grown.

    Again – thank you.


    • Hello MC,

      The comment I wrote to Carol yesterday didn’t make it here, so I’ll try again now.

      I would like to join you in thanking Carol, but I’d also like to join Carol in thanking you! The way I see it, you jumped in when Carol was the most frustrated and disheartened, when after all the time and work and heart she had invested she saw no end to it. Anyway, I love the fact that between the two of you, you did manage “to turn the WAS into IS…” Awesome! Champagne all around! 🙂

  2. I have read some of the CJ Box books. I agree with you. Some of the stories are too violent. The main character is a super hero, unrealisic, and so is his friend the falconer. Also no humor in the stories. Craig Johnson is an author of the style of (deceased) authors Tony Hillerman and Robert Parker. I just discovered a series of mysteries written by Bill Crider, that look promising, about a sheriff in Texas. Can’t beat Craig Johnson’s books; they are the best.

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