Questions and Answers October 2014 Edition Addendum

More Q&A because they’re bigger questions…


Irmgard:  For Q&A: I am interested in knowing “all” ;-) about your gorgeous dogs! Would like to know how Lucas, Dally, Puppy-Puppy(?), Tuff, Scout are getting along with each other; whether Scout has “nipped” anyone of your family and whether there is The Right new owner in sight (I’d take him if I didn’t live in a city on another continent!); whether the near-chronic wound on Lucas’ left paw remains closed/healed (I send good paw vibes every single day!!). Also, what do you have to do to keep your dogs in shape for their occasional cowdog work, in terms of training, exercise, diet, “wellness”? Thanks very much! Irmgard

Wow.  Alrighty.  OK.  I think you’re talking about Colt, not Scout.  Scout doesn’t exist here.  Colt will get his own entry another day, so let’s move on to the rest of the pack.  Lucas’ paw was healed.  It looked great… I was thrilled.  Then he escaped from my yard and went and helped the neighbors trail some cattle down the highway.  Oh, really, I don’t know if that was it or playing with the puppy or what, but his paw is back to worn off.  I’ve started doctoring him AGAIN, dadgummit!  Dally is just going out of heat, so she’s happy to be on a looser leash, so to speak… She and Lucas don’t even look at each other, but I’ll still keep them separate for a while longer.  She plays with the puppy, but simply warns Tuff away.  She’s cranky, she has a bubble, and we just live with it.  Puppy still doesn’t have a name, but maybe I’ll just take the one I fell in love with in the first place.  She’s ornery, nippy, with no manners.  She walks on the leash fine, sits for meals and other requests, but seems to forget other things I’m trying to teach her.  Hard-headedness is a great attribute for a cowdog, but getting through puppy stage is a challenge!  Tuff and her played and played and played this morning… of course, she had to boss him around a bit first, but then it was ZOOOOOM!  “Training, exercise, diet, wellness”  Shoot, I can’t even keep myself in shape…  Dally tends towards chunkiness like her momma did.  Lucas could eat twice as much and still not gain weight.  Puppy is just always hungry.  We walk, or I take the Rhino, and they run… They go along in the pickup and work or run or lay in the sun, whatever the day calls for.  There is no program.  There is no training.  There is no diet.  Are we sore and out of breath when we work?  Yup.  Me right there with my dogs.  We match.


Pam:  I just don’t know why you comment that the future of Red Dirt in my Soul is questionable. Could you please clarify this for me? I understand about the loss of pictures from moving the site, etc, but why does that affect the future? many of us still want to follow your ranch life, your family, the dogs, etc…see how all those grandkids grow…so why stop now?

I wrote that when I found out all my photos from 5 years of blogging were gone.  I started this as a photographic journal and in my eyes, it was no longer that.  Sure, the future’s out there, but I felt so much of what I write about and link to in past posts is what makes this blog different.  For instance, you can see 5 years of preg testing in posts, see my kids grow, look at it from a “spa getaway” tongue in cheek entry, watch a video.  That was no longer available.  In the end, I’m not writing this for you.  You’ll get bored with me and wander away, but this was a gift to the people I love.  I printed all my posts off in the beginning, and now I’ve fallen behind and those pics were gone.  When you get hit with a sledgehammer like that, you do question the future.  I thought seriously about quitting.  It still crosses my mind because what I felt I had spent years creating was up in smoke.  POOF.  There have been multiple times I would have written something if I had a picture from an old post to link back to.  It has changed some of my writing.  My writing is nothing without those photos.  It was a Big Damn Disappointment.  Then… Wonder of Wonders, M.C. came into my life.  I will never be able to repay her because she is rebuilding my blog.  Photo by photo.  She loves computer work, she loves my blog, and it has become her mission to help repair Red Dirt.  She has been nothing but supportive and encouraging and I even asked her to be my new best friend!  I cannot imagine doing the work she is doing for me.  Her desire to renew this blog makes my heart sing.  Go ahead, look back at old posts… she’s getting some photos re-uploaded… and when winter hits, she’ll work even more.  What a wonderful woman she is!!!!  Yes, I’ll go change up my bio on the front page…


Irmgard: THE most important question: WHAT can we, your fans, DO?  I just read your note on the right margin:  This is a shock and so sad! You have worked so hard to carry this wonderful Blog here from the other place, and you have put so much heart and soul and talent and time into Red Dirt – we cannot allow you to give up! Wasn’t there someone who said they could retrieve the photos? Are the photos really lost? What if you called in a professional to make Red Dirt whole and healthy again?  What if we, your FFF (friends, followers, fans), got all together – virtually – to try and save Red Dirt? How can we help? Would you consider putting up a Donate button so that we could effectively support this Blog?  I, for one, do want to help if I can, to say Thank You for all these years of “Red Dirt” – your blog has given me so much, dear Carol Greet, it is high time I gave something in return!

Wow.  Sincerely, Irmgard, your note left me stunned!  What an amazing, generous soul you have!  You are sweet to offer so much!  As you can see in the answer above, M.C., for now, has my back and is hard at work in repairing Red Dirt.  I don’t think there’s anything M.C. needs, (if there is, please let me know!), but an enthusiastic thank you from you probably wouldn’t hurt!  😉  I did work hard thinking I was doing things correctly in switching my photos over, then to have it not work… it was soooooo devastating.  I was a mess, tearing up just thinking about blogging.  But you know what keeps me going past 11 pm every night???  Nice people like you that comment, and say I made you laugh, or I taught you something, or I encouraged you to try something new…  so really, if you want to do something… shoot me a comment every now and then.  Ask a question about something that has you confused.  Share a post with someone who might enjoy some Red Dirt.  Spread the word that Red Dirt exists.  Irmgard, thanks for being here all these years!  You are special!


And just in case you’ve been wondering…

I like it!

blue door


Questions and Answers October 2014 Edition Addendum — 20 Comments

  1. Great news about the help you’re getting to continue your blog. Also, you have great fans! That must make your heart feel good.

  2. Many thanks to you Carol, and to MC for saving the day! I used to read about 30 blogs every day (when I lived on a ranch and had no contact with humans except for the hubby) … now I only read one. EVERY DAY. I love watching your journey. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Kathryn Jane recently posted…announcementsMy Profile

  3. That blue door looks great! It must cheer you up every time you see it–going in or out! 😉 I also love your blog and have been “following” and enjoying you for many years. You and your life are so amazing and interesting. You and your blog are very much appreciated!

  4. Who is Scout anyway? I myself don’t even know; my apologies to Colt! 😉

    Thank you for your reply, explanations, Carol. I’m sorry I have commented but very few times in all those years – I’ve been here ever since Shreve of Charlie fame first mentioned you (forgot how I happened upon Charlie’s blog, way back in its earliest beginnings, but know I never commented there – guess I’m just “shy”). I do think I’ll actually write down actual words in an actual comment here more often from now on, though!! 🙂

  5. Carol,
    Nope I don’t need anything – now. As a newly retired person I did need a mission, now I have one to help ease me into retirement mode. Thank you. I also want to thank Irmgard for saying so beautifully how I feel about this blog. 🙂 I couldn’t agree more – ‘we can not allow you to give up’

    • Ah, here she is, my new heroine, MC, the Photo Whisperer – so pleased to “meet” you!:) My enthusiastic Thank You to you, as Carol suggested, for taking on the challenge, comes straight from the heart, and I wish you great success and fun and ?patience? with your mission! I used to follow Carol’s links back to the same date in previous years… and to think that you will make this possible again – wonderful, just so wonderful. If you don’t need anything *now*, you will let us know when you do, yes? Best, Irmgard

  6. I love that blue door! 1,000 % improved from the first picture which looked a little hopeless! Blue is my very favorite color….every gift your mom gave me (and there were lots of them) was blue!

  7. Sorry that I don’t say much, but your blog is an essential part of my email check, every time! So thank you thank you for sharing ‘it’ like it is! Love it!

  8. I know you posted about having a link to Amazon here on your blog, but I’ll be jiggered if I can find it! Am I just missing it?? ☺

    • The first two items, whether it is books or other items are actual links to Amazon. Maybe I’ll put up a real link… keep watching!

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