Dirt and Mess

Victoria’s visit was short and she left after lunch… The boys’ morning was spent digging in a dirt pile with cousins.  I tried to teach some finer points of rammed earth castle building, but I’m not sure if it sank in or not!

The past two days have been warm, although today’s wind put a chill in the air.  Yesterday, I spotted one of my bees…

(How do you know it’s one of your bees? Victoria asked.  Well, Megan and Brandon sell “branded beef”, I have branded honey!  I smirked.  Didn’t you see the little bee freeze brand????  Ya gotta be fast to brand bees!  If our cows are A bar A’s, shouldn’t my bees be B bar B????  Oh, yeah, we kept at it for a bit… but I digress…)

I did go visit my Bee Barn this afternoon… all three hives had bees coming and going, which was a great sign!  The thing is, I didn’t spot any dandelions or those little purple weeds, so I gave them some food, just in case their honey reserves are getting low.

I tucked their jar of food under some equipment, somewhat out of the wind, and maybe away from curious critters!


Bees can crawl under the lid and help themselves…

I wasn’t happy to see bees from Messopotamia crawling out the edge of their hive… it looks like the side board has pulled away from the frame, but I wasn’t messing with anything.  I didn’t have a suit on, and those girls are Cranky Girls.

bee hiveWarmer weather will come and I’ll repair it… and maybe I’ll give them a new queen this year… and maybe Messopotamia won’t be such a mess!


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