I had help in my beeyard today!  A friend wanted to learn about top bar hives.  I shifted into “Teacher Mode” and explained everything as best I could.  Not only is this a great honeycomb, but I love that I … Continue reading

Bee Break

Another day of babysitting, letting Megan ride once again. I cooked the cowboys lunch, and I do believe they were happy it was “just” half a day of riding today!  They’ve been going and going… of course, not that they … Continue reading

Bee Check

Bee check. The new bees have been in the Golden Hive and Beebylon for almost a week now.  They look pretty happy to me… and Mess-opotamia is looking busy as well. Thanks to Sheri, who reminded me of the name … Continue reading

Must Bee Summer

A summer day at 73˚!  The grass grew today for sure.  Within the past three days we’ve gone from an elusive “is it green, yet?” to “wow, Wyoming’s thrown her green gown on!” While I am trying to finish up … Continue reading


Before we know it, Calving Season will have started.  You know how there’s the meme going around the internet… Be Calm and ______ (fill in the blank with your favorite activity)?  The sweatshirt that keeps getting posted on my Facebook … Continue reading