Cathedral Hive

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I am an affiliate of  Basically, that means if you click through from their ad that is permanently on my right sidebar, and then you buy something, I get credit for pointing you in their direction.  That’s how you make money by blogging… and why I’m still pretty much in the poor house as bloggers go!  I rarely post affiliate links!

But BackYardHive came out with an item last week that just has me excited and interested.  I thought I’d share, since, well, the holiday season is coming up on us fast… and if you’ve ever been interested in beekeeping, then maybe you should make a list for the Fat Man that gets you some supplies well before bee season arrives (at least in Wyoming!).

I use top bar hives.  There are many reasons why, one being that it is cheap and an easy D-I-Y project.  That didn’t stop me from buying my first hive, a Golden Mean Hive, from BackYardHive!  It was gorgeous!  The woodworking was impressive and I was very happy.  Then came “Mesopotamia” from Riverton, Wyoming and my hastily constructed hive from scrap that I made this spring.

Now there’s the Cathedral Hive.

This is quite the beehive!!!!

Isn’t that just cool?  BackYardHive has some reasoning behind the shape and the top holes and the size… plus it comes with two glass viewing windows and the option for an end window and even a copper planter that sits on top!  If you are the slightest bit curious about beekeeping, please go read some information on the Cathedral Hive!

Oh, yes, I’m not saying it’s cheap, but isn’t it just fabulous looking??? What a gorgeous thing to set out in your garden!  I will be very jealous of anyone that buys one of these… even if I have told myself repeatedly that I need another one that matches my Golden Mean Hive before anything else!

I couldn’t help but share this new development in top bar hives!


I’m still gathering questions for the new Q&A… post them in the comment section!


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  1. Carol, my dad ordered bees from Sears and Roebuck (way, way back in the day). Boy was the postman glad to deliver that package and get those buzzing bees out of his bag! We had all put together the supers and wax frames. The bees were only too happy to take up residence. We ended up with about a dozen hives over the next few years, as we were able to capture most of the swarms. Great memories! I have an old-fashioned smoker to give you next time I’m in the area… great memories your post brought back! Have a great day!

    • Thanks so much, Kevin! Glad I could spur a good memory… and I’d love to have that smoker! Most of all, thanks for saving those photos! I can’t wait to post a few!

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