Bee Friends

I was supposed to help ride today… It’s time to kick the cows out onto pasture!  But… some-bee-dy interfered!  I *had* to finish my beehive I started making because I bought TWO, yes, two packages of bees last night.  I was extremely lucky to have three friends stop by to help!  I wouldn’t have got it done, there’s no doubt!

bee friendsDon’t we just look classy?

I’ll give some details later, but it seems as though all the bees have settled in quite nicely so far!

bee friendsI’m still not done… there’s tweaking to do… but hey, I couldn’t have asked for better helpers!  Anyone else want to bee friends?


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  2. Did you see on the news where a big rig tipped over on the interstate in Washington State and dumped out $92,000. worth of bees? I was wondering if the bees you ordered are now in my state buzzing around.

  3. Sweet Job!
    Real HUM dinger of a job!
    Honey Do List – Bee Done!
    Taking care of Buzzness!

    Oh, the puns to throw at this one…..

  4. Looking good! Each step along the path of this new venture is getting you to success. Now if someone would only invent an “electric fence” to keep the mice away. hahaha!! 🙂

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