We Can

How so many things affect us as we grow…  multiple friends, our communities, a world of activities… As life goes on, the multiple distractions are whittled down, baring those true friends, the support of your close circle around you, and those activities that are special.

I’m reminded of this every year by the short visit of friends first met well over 30 years ago…  They are from the community of Girl Scouting – always and forever home to my Best Friends.  They come to have fun and to help!  Last time they were here we built a bee hive, the time before, we worked on my studio… this time… we repaired my chicken coop!  I’m just trying to add to their life experiences… how many chicken coops have girls from Chicago had the chance to fix up?

demoL. begins the demolition… the poor chicken coop hasn’t been the same since my Cooped Up experience!

demo 2Oh, there’s progress!

constructionA couple of old, now repurposed windows… a rough cut 2″x6″… some hinges… construction is coming along nicely, thanks to P.!

finishedTa-da!  Two “new” windows in the coop… both on hinges for ventilation!  Some chicken wire may come later… but this is where I needed the help – holding/measuring/brainstorming/sawing/and nailing.  We’re totally awesome! (pay no attention to the sawdust on my camera lens)

trioBecause friends help friends, because Girl Scouts always “make the world a better place”, because… well, just because… we can!


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  1. Love the wise words, and the picture of the three of you inside the Fowl Palace. Lucky are we who are blessed with such friends. Nice work, ladies. Hope there was much laughter accompanying the remodeling.

  2. My girl scout friends are still my friends. I may not see them often, but we keep track of each other, and do manage the occasional get together. They are the best – for the last 35 years!

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