Bee Break

Another day of babysitting, letting Megan ride once again.

I cooked the cowboys lunch, and I do believe they were happy it was “just” half a day of riding today!  They’ve been going and going… of course, not that they didn’t work the last half of the day doing something else!

After lunch, I caught up some on general work… my garden, yard, and house… but then I HAD to go check on my bees.  I really haven’t opened their hives since they were installed so…

new comb

I was extremely happy to see fresh comb, brood, and honey!

I gave them some more space in Beebylon and Golden, although I didn’t crack open Messopotamia.  Those girls are always crankier, and I didn’t really have time to go slowly and quietly.  Hopefully, tomorrow!

I have to say, it was GREAT having a sack full of custom made top bars to begin to fill out my hives!  My brother made these for me, taking the time to figure out a pattern to go by, and Bam!  I have enough bars to last me quite a while with Messopotamia and Beebylon!  I just want to tell the world, MY BROTHER IS AWESOME!  And… if you want some, he may just offer some for sale!

top bars****

Yes, I know these photos are small, but I’m having problems with my camera talking to my computer… and it’s late!  So this will have to do!


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  1. Love your hive names! We named our small chicken coop “Mini Cooper”. It is on wheels and has license plates from several states the family has lived in. Our youngest son is a Mini Cooper Technician. I am still looking for a name for our big coop.

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