Wordless Wednesday – “Waiting”

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Wordless Wednesday – “Good Morning”

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Saddle at Six Pics

We did saddle at six… Which, honestly, is late compared to how we did it in the “olden days”!  Saddle at four was more like it! But that’s ok… It turned into a long enough day as it was… No … Continue reading

Puppies and Panama

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! We had to move some cows this morning… which resulted in a late arrival to the rodeo and fewer chances to take pictures.  Don’t worry, I WILL share what I did manage to get… It … Continue reading

Work Myself Warm

Plink. Plink. Splat. The raindrops serenaded me as I sat in my saddle.  Each drop sounded different depending on if it landed on my oilskin slicker or my saddle leather.  Those that landed on Panama were absorbed quietly. The grass … Continue reading