Wordless Wednesday – “Heron Reflection”

Blue Heron Reflection Puzzle … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday – “Proud Parents”

Proud Parents Puzzle Click on the small photo above to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle of the photo. Give your brain some fun time! … Continue reading

Cool Doe

I thought I’d share this photo I took… It’s of a young mule deer doe, out of last year’s crop of fawns. Now, she’s not an albino – that’s obvious – but she’s definitely much lighter than her herdmates.  A … Continue reading

Gold Star

Well, I did something today I’ve never done before!  It was a blast, in more ways than one! The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is radio collaring and blood testing some elk in this area.  A friend and I crashed … Continue reading

Trained Eyes

Trained eyes. We were about to drive down the switchbacks in Ten Sleep canyon.  The sun was going down… I’m admiring the play of warm sunshine on parts of the canyon walls… debating on photo compositions if I could have … Continue reading