Snow walkers

Lucas, Elsa, Dally, and I took a walk.  The day was warm and softening the snow, burning it off of the south facing hillsides.  Today was a good day for black and white!  I didn’t get as many good pictures as I wanted.  Dally is a fast little girl.  She weighs 17 pounds and had her first big trip to town the other day.  Not only did we see the vet, we saw our bank president (who also owns English Shepherds), our feed store salesman, my bosses at Eleutian, tellers at the Ten Sleep bank, the post office people, librarians, and everyone at the middle school girls’ basketball game!!!  Whoo!  She did amazingly well, as often she wants a few seconds to check things out!  We need to do that some more!  On this walk, she harrasses her parents by biting their necks or trying to heel them.  Often she is ignored, sometimes a sharp reprimand and a roll is necessary.  Elsa is usually the disciplinarian…Lucas is an easy going dad!  Dally learned about cactus and other stickery weeds… she learned how deep snow can slow you down… she learned following in footsteps means less work for the follower than the trailblazer…she learned walks are great fun!

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