A Quiet Moment

Quiet is part of our lives here.  Anymore, that is what I notice when I go to towns.  I went to New Orleans a few months back.  The only quiet time was sleeping.  I visit in Casper or shop in Worland, and even in these small towns, I am relaxed when I leave and silence can envelope me.  More than anything, I think this has been the change that living in the country has melded into me.  Oh sure, I’ve got the radio on, or the tv, and I DO talk to my husband and my dogs… but to stop and listen and close your eyes for just a minute breathes life into my soul.  I recognize the types of birds and the level of creek water and the distance of coyote song and which dog is by my side and if the wind will soon arrive and if a calf just zapped themselves on the electric fence and the soft low “maah” of momma cows and their newborns.  I need that kind of silence, never total, but full of life.  It speaks to me like wind through wires.  Shhhhhh.  Did you hear that?  Can you?

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