Playing catchup

It seemed like every night I was too tired and too busy to write anything…then I had high hopes for spring break, with the boys coming home for a week, surely I could write something.  Plus Victoria was coming for Easter weekend… No surprise here, nothing was done on my blog or website!  With the boys home, I was relieved of feeding duty, but my cooking duties were enlarged… Nights were spent visiting with the boys or their friends and I must say it was all enjoyable.  But tonight is quiet and I must play catchup.

Spring is well on its way, most of the snow is gone, birds have returned, my new used metal detector is a wonderful toy, Elsa is in heat and the dog shuffle has begun, we have 2 heifers left STILL, my boys and daughter are such JOYS to have here, creativity is high – my psysanky eggs and clay pens occupy spare moments, I seem to turn into a pyromaniac this time of year – death to weeds!, Dally got to chase some heifers for the first time, the possibilities of meeting up with old and new friends hang in the air, old photographs spur stories, the spring cleaning bug has bitten me, our windless March reversed its decision today and became a typical Wyoming BREEZEY DAY – whew!

So, the stories ARE still in me, and I’ll try again, in this quiet house, to “scratch pen to paper”, well, ok, “type” and share.

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