Today has been one of those days where I can’t seem to focus.  When I went to bed last night, the air smelled of rain, and I could have sworn it would be raining all night.  I awoke to drifting snowflakes which quickly increased to steady feathers sifting down.  The ground was covered in short order.  It stopped at 10:00 AM and by 11:30, it had all melted.  Following my trip to Ten Sleep and Lucas’ term as Reading Dog of the Day, the sun was shining and skies were blue.

My jobs were varied today.  I was dog trainer with Elsa as we cleared the corral for Vernon to pour grain.  I became tractor driver for Vernon as we fed the cows.  I chauffered Lucas into town where I remained his assistant as he listened to his readers share books on satellites, seasons, and Charlotte’s Web.  I was teacher as I explained psysanky (Ukrainian egg decorating) to the class of 3rd and 4th graders.  ( I had given an egg as a gift to the teacher)  I turned into a calligrapher for the superintendent’s All State Basketball certificate.  I became a treasure hunter when I took my metal detector to the park and creek side for a quick dab of time.  I found $1.85!!!  At home again I was housekeeper and laundress and cook and now, finally, quietly…writer.

I tried to keep track of the returning birds…today I was pleased to see Rosy Finches, chickadees, Oregon juncoes, magpies, crows, rock doves (aka “stupid pigeons”), Canadian geese, ducks I couldn’t id, redwinged blackbirds, robins, mourning doves (just this evening!), ring-necked pheasants, red tailed hawk, and wonder of wonders, the blue herons have returned to the blue heron tree!!!!  YAY!  I await their return, along with bluebirds, to testify that spring really IS here.  The bluebirds remain elusive and I haven’t heard a killdeer yet, nor nighthawk, but they will come.  I should try to find my pics of the blue heron tree to share…picture an ancient cottonwood, stuffed with LARGE nests, and each rearing babies.  It makes me wish for a better lens for my camera!!  It is a sight to see!

I hope in short order to relax…and breathe…and refocus…and “to sleep, perchance, to dream…” and I mean sleep!

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