Today was the first day we’ve managed to make it out into our “badlands” pastures.  These are BLM lands where we run our cattle in conjunction with some other ranchers.  We rotate between three pastures, using two a year, in the spring and fall.  We will start moving some cattle out in a few weeks…finally some of our feeding every day will be cut back!  So today we took a tour.  We checked out the water situation, looking at the amount of runoff in reservoirs as well as preparing the pipeline to start running.  I took Lucas and Dally with me…we take the backseat of the pickup which is covered with a piece of carpet.  And we had a blast!  At almost every stop we get out, explore the country, take some photos, and climb back in the pickup.  Dally learns to jump into the pickup… “Get in!”  She’s no explorer.  She remains close to me or Lucas, always watching…  Even though I’d hoped to get lots of good pics of Dally, Lucas, as usual, is the one who shines.  He sits, he down/stays, he looks his gorgeous self; at times curious, other times regal.  This guy was born to pose!  Dally on the other hand, looks like I’ve beat her if I try to down/stay her!  While as good looking as her dad, she has yet to learn to pose, and those good pics of her are ones I’ve just managed to capture in the split instant.  Plus, Wyoming seems made of  “Lucas colors”, those earthy shades that appeal so much to me.  The dragon back formation of sandstone we crawled over today coordinated with Lucas.  I’ll post a photo of our tour.

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