From brown to green

The past two days have been a radical change.  Our warmest days had been from 45-50 degrees and the nights had remained very crisp and wintery.  Yesterday we reached a high of 72 and today was 76.  Seemingly overnight the grass has grown.  It has struggled and fought to get a start, and now the gate is opened and grass is growing.  Of course, nothing here is simple and green grass means the livestock wants it!  Today the horses forded the creek and were enjoying the fields without proper permission!  That meant Vernon spent the afternoon building fence to stop that little joyride…  Then calves are ducking under electric fence to graze the hillside while their moms pitifully bawl for their return, or perhaps it is because they can’t join them.  There is the bunch by the road though and there it is the moms who are the escapees, blundering through the fence selfishly leaving their calves behind to seek the green grass.  Soon the snow that melted today will find its way here and we’ll keep an eye on the creek level.  There’s enough snow on the mountain now that the chance of flooding is real, it all depends on how fast Mother Nature decides to melt the snowpack.  But with grass growing and water rising, birds singing and cattle lowing, the best spot today was relaxed in a lawn chair with warm sunshine and a sweating glass of lemonade watching Wyoming turn from brown to green.  

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