They’re gone!

We have turned out virtually all of our cows!  Yay!  This is our crew that helped Johnny, Vernon, and I push the last big bunch out Wednesday.  I had had a big trip to the dentist the day before… a root canal, temporary crown, and a tooth pulled…yeccchhh!  So I helped move cows for just half the distance and then Vernon sent me back to bring out the pickup and horsetrailer, so we could have a “ride” back home.  That’s how the camera made it out and I could capture some scenery.  Shelley, on the left, is a high school senior, good friends with my kids, and very willing to skip school and help move cows!  Steve on the paint horse manages a grazing association down the road.  Beau is in the big hat… he works with Steve and is the proud papa of a darling little 7 month old girl.  Rachel is in the helmet… a single mom who loves her horses and trades work for hay.  Since we had a good crew we only took 5.5 hours to get them out there this time!  The best part of the day for me… when Vernon sent me back for the pickup.  I turned my horse for home and she was ready!  Tart put it in a high trot and home we went!  I bet she walked maybe 50 feet of the 5 miles we covered.  I had to open a few gates that gave her a short breather, but even the time we waited for Elsa, my shadow that day, to get a drink from miniscule Buffalo Creek, Tart was moving, ready to go.  We listened for meadowlarks, heard quiet Elsa pant as she trotted alongside, felt the earth warm, and watched the hawks play on the wind.  Quiet time.  It was great!  The next day we received 6″ of wet snow…do we have good timing or what?  They’re gone!

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