Small moments

Guess I had spring fever, I wanted to be outside, but wanted to do something more fun than yard work, so me and my crew grabbed my metal detector and headed to the hills.  About a mile and a half from my house are the remains of a dugout.  I’ve wandered around them before, but not with a metal detector!  I let the crew out of the back of the Durango, and Lucas went to wandering…Elsa and Dally were shadows.  Jees, dogs, I can’t swing my metal detector without bumping you!  aaaah.  Being quick learners, they’d back off until I knelt down to dig a “hit” and then Dally or Elsa would be right in my face.  aaaah.  Finally!  They followed Lucas and went on their own treasure hunts and I got to exploring.  It really must be the archaeologist in me to rejoice over finding a bent spoon, a Prince Albert can, a snap and buckle from broken tack.  When I heard the beep-beep dead center in the doorway, I had high hopes that that was where he had buried his gold dollars… It turned out to be a enamelled cup…filled with dirt, not gold.  But I felt triumphant, and continued my quest for interesting artifacts.  Occasionally I’d check on the crew, hard at work seeking bunnies and mice and other funny-smelling critters among the rocks.  Another beep and I find a broken glass bottle with metal cap still intact.  It had been broken before it was opened, I’m sure causing grief.  But as I dig and find more pieces of the bottle, I find the bottom of the bottle, and imprinted upon it is “Thermopolis, Wyo.”  Cool.  I didn’t know they bottled drinks in Thermop!  Two hours later and my sore shoulder and thirst drive me back to the Durango, where in short order I am joined by my crew, wet from the spring, muddy from digging after some rodent.  They’ve had a wonderful time and so have I.  Rejeuvenated, we head for home, content with our small moments, and ready once again to take up the work we abandoned earlier.

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