Mountain trip

Just a couple more notes about our drive up the mountain…
1.  Taking those wildflower photos was a challenge.  Yes, the snow was gone and the soil was warm, but it seems like whenever I sit down (or lay down ) I am surrounded by my English Shadows… and they don’t lay behind me, they lay in front of me…the photos of the yellowbells are taken over the top of Elsa as she refuses to move once she has positioned herself.  I grew frustrated at one point, Elsa in front of me, Dally to my right, and Lucas came up and layed down the length of my body, heavily panting from his last rabbit chase.  I told him if all my pictures of shooting stars were blurry it would be his fault!  And then I began to giggle.  If only Vernon had had a camera, I’m sure I’d have made quite a picture myself… laying on the hillside with my 3 loyal assistants.

2.  I didn’t take any photos of one of my favorite flowers…spring beauties.  They are found next to retreating snowbanks and thus I would have had to prostrate myself in a muddy or snowy situation… and though I’m in work clothes and don’t look my best, laying in mud is still beyond what I am willing to do.

3.  We had all the dogs with us, and had to take pictures… so here we are in all our “I’m not really dressed for this” glory.  Vernon gathers Boomer to him and holds him still…an unusual position for Boomer.  I’ve got my English Shepherds with me.  Lucas being his confident self… Dally checking out the world… and Elsa doing the ES Lean into me…


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