For every person that watched Roy Rogers or Clint Eastwood or Robert Fuller or Lee Horsely and thought, wow, I wanna grow up to be a cowboy… the shine wore off of the romantic version today.  We fought hard today to get 175 pairs out of the badlands.  We are exhausted, sweaty, sore, and in a foul mood.  This pasture is a big one, 12 miles to the backside which is where we started today.  The grass looks gorgeous this year thanks to all the rain… the unfortunate byproduct of that is the cows are happy and not thrilled to be forced to leave a lush pasture with plenty of water.  So they take two steps and stop and eat.  And you ride by and yell, and they take two steps and stop and eat.  So you turn your horse or sic your dog on them and they run 3 steps and stop and eat.  We left home at 7 this morning and arrived home at 6.30 pm.  Do not try to make me laugh, my sense of humor is gone.  Do not try to do anything but be sympathetic, or give me a backrub, or help me with supper since what I put in the crockpot burned before we got home.  Let me take a shower, go to bed, and I’ll be fine in the morning.  We ride again tomorrow, we are short 8 pairs.

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