D revisits puppy soccer

When the pups were small, we played a game I called “Puppy Soccer”.  It encouraged their chasing skills and was extremely fun to watch.  I videoed  it once and put it on YouTube.  You can find it there or search my blog for it.  I wondered if D would remember it… Dally has played it on occasion, though it is not the same without 9 brothers and sisters!  I sent the ball rolling and it took D a grand total of .5 second before he was on the chase!  Dally saw the action and quickly joined in.  They are captured above in the split second of pause before the ball rolled again and they were on the chase.  Excitement was building and Dally went in for the kill… unfortunately, she did kill it!  D was so excited for the game, he continued to try to play it with the flattened ball.  Fetching and returning it to me to throw again… it just wasn’t the same… and 5 minutes later he lay down, defeated by the airless ball.  Ok, D, next time I go to town, I’ll invest in a $2 ball for you again!  Just don’t kill it!

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