Good grass year

With all of the rain we’ve had, it has turned out to be a good grass year!  The stock should all be fat and happy!  Our haying season has begun as well, turning all this great green bounty into winter feed.  Daniel is our mower man, happily cutting hay down all day long.  As long as his music and air conditioner continue to work, Daniel remains a happy camper quite content to slice through anything green!  Victoria is our hay raker.  It is her job to turn the hay with the rake and speed along the drying process.  It also throws together windrows so that Brandon, our baler extraordinaire, doesn’t have to make as many passes across the field to bale the hay.  Vernon spells Brandon at times, and fills in on any other job necessary.  John, my father-in-law, is amazing at stacking the hay into neat, orderly, and solid haystacks.  Everyone irrigates, too.  I’m the useless one in the process, seeing as how when I get close to hay, I have relatively impressive allergy attacks!  With three places to hay, the new Mills place, our home place, and our Christopherson lease, from here on out it will be a circle of water hay, cut hay, rake hay, bale hay, stack hay, and repeat.

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