Another pup

I had to run to Thermopolis the other day… a town of 4,000 or so situated on the Big Horn River where the World’s Largest Mineral Hot Springs flow.  It was a run for baling twine sent from Riverton, another hour away from Thermop.  It takes me about 1.5 hours to drive to Thermop and along the way I decided I would take a sidetrip after picking up the 50 bales of twine.  You see, one of my other pups from last fall went to a vet and her family who live 15 miles outside of town.  Rimrock Morning Skye was happily at play with one of her boys in the yard when I arrived and Dr. Kolder yelled for him to bring her over.  Skye jogged alongside her boy and came to the clinic.  First I was reminded of Elsa in her head and looks, but then was amazed to realize how tiny she was!  She probably weighs 30 pounds at 7 months.  She was always petite, but not the runt, and now I’m beginning to wonder how big Jade/Booger, who was the runt, has grown!  She has been spayed.  She is built for speed, much like D… long in body and leg.  Her shading is a perfect match for Elsa and D as well.  They have used her on cattle some, but she’s still not gripping, just barking, which I assured them was OK for an insecure pup of this age.  Their older Aussie is teaching her, but she needs more confidence.  It will come!  She was very outgoing, coming right to me, and soon doing the English Shepherd lean right into me.  She handles all the activity well, greeting people at the clinic, but quickly going to her corner when told.  That’s where I took her picture.  She looks like she’s doing well, and she is loved, and what more can a breeder ask for one of their pups?

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