Long gone

I’ve been gone a while… having a unique opportunity to work a camp sponsored by my employers, Eleutian.com.  We managed to have a dozen young Korean students and tour northern Wyoming for a week.  We did team building activities on a low ropes course at Mickelson Station, Powell, Wyoming.  We toured Yellowstone.  We toured the awesome Buffalo Bill Historical Center, floated the river, and then attended the night rodeo all in Cody, Wyoming.  We went to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center and swam in the hot springs of Thermopolis.  We studied bats with the Wyoming Game and Fish Dept., hiked to an ancient pictograph site, and toured a local dinosaur dig site north of Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  We also viewed the cutthroat and rainbow trout at Wigwam Rearing Station.  We ate Japanese food, fried chicken, pizza, delicious Korean food, and too many sandwiches!  We loved ice cream and shaved ice!  It was a great learning experience and cultural lesson… but when it all comes down to it, when I’ve been gone a while, there is no place as quiet and relaxing as this place, where there are no other people, or streetlights or sirens or traffic or *anything* but a loving family and doting dogs.

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