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Mankind has developed great, wonderful, and stupendous inventions throughout the centuries… modern medicine, farming methods, space exploration, chocolate, milkshakes, and without a doubt, the best invention of all is nothing less than a hot shower.  I spent the day with good friends, exploring and riding trails on our 4 wheelers.  We were reminded we live in big country when at the end of our day, covered in a fine layer of red dust, we found 50 miles on our trip meters.  We had travelled through sagebrush and junipers, hay fields and creeks.  We climbed ridges and fell off the other side.  We discussed history and map reading, people and experiences.  We drank cold Pepsi and devoured Fritos and sandwiches.  We saw deer and antelope.  We had a simple day of enjoyment and friendship.  But I have to admit, I don’t do this everyday… and about mile 30 or so, my arms began a dull throb of unused muscles.  By mile 40, I really felt it!  From my wrists upwards about 6 inches, that center muscle began to protest!  What a wimp I was!  Returning home and after saying our goodbyes, the only thought was for a hot shower.  But supper had to be cooked and chores done and finally, achingly, I could climb into that invention that tops all others.  Just last year we installed a pressure tank to actually allow us the chance to be enveloped in water rather than lean against the wall and have a pitiful stream trickle down our backs.  I no longer have to lust after showers in motel rooms or visits to my mom’s where she actually has a shower massage!  I can relax and let hot water wash all those hurts away.  And I did.  I’ll ride again anytime, it was a wonderful day… but only if I get that hot shower!  

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