An addiction

I was just having this discussion the other day with a young lady I know, who sheepishly told me she was quickly on book 7 of a 14 book series.  “But she just *loves* these books!”  She felt a little guilty for reading them so fast!  I laughed and told her at my age of 49, I can still hear my dad’s voice telling me to “Get your nose out of that book!”  Reading was for night-time when all other work was done.  But, alas and alack, reading is my addiction… and though I can seemingly kick the habit for a short while, pretty soon I find myself wandering my house, wondering at which book I’ll have to reread before I make it to the library or a friend loans me a book!  I read pretty much anything and everything… Recommend a book to me and even if I don’t like it, it’ll get me to thinking why *you* liked it!  Lately, with my gorgeous dogs running around, I’ve read quite a few “dog” books… whelping, training, herding… but today I finished Merle’s Door by Ted Kerasote.  Oh, my goodness!  Though sprinkled with intriguing facts and observations, it does nothing to hurt the storied tale of Merle.  It reminded me much of the story of Seabiscuit… a nonfiction book breaking great barriers with the ability to weave a compelling story.  It made me laugh much like the story of Marley and Me.  But be forewarned, like most dog books, the heart will have to endure its ending.  Today I was riding down the mountain in the pickup’s backseat, with my husband and father-in-law in the front.  Beside me was Lucas, who with all his trials in the two years of his young life, will probably have to struggle with, like most dogs, a sad decline.  While excited on the trip up, Lucas was now sleeping steadily on the seat, bouncing along the rocky road.  All three males were blissfully unaware of my sorrow and torment. Trying to slow the steady stream of tears and snot with the sleeve of my t-shirt, I read on.  Merle’s Door did come to an ending.  And I will have to recommend it to people who love dogs and good stories.  Controversial in its own way, it received many points in my book for just taking place in Wyoming!  Of course, most people in Wyoming feel that anything within a stone’s throw of Jackson Hole really isn’t Wyoming!  This book passed my test.  Good job, Mr. Kerasote.  Good dog, Merle.  Thanks for helping me with my addiction.


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