KD gets a new home


I know without a doubt that I have learned more about dogs in the past few years than I ever knew before…  Since I was young, I dreamed of my own dog.  My dad had bird dogs…until we moved to Alaska.  There my sister was allowed a dog… an interesting soul named “Chico”.  He was black. He was long in body and short in leg, but he could jump!  He seemed to be an unusual cross between a dachshund and a lab, or some weird combo like that!  I remember he got nabbed by the dogcatcher on various occasions, until my dad insisted he find a new home.  For the next few years I continually begged for my own dog.  I kept getting cats!  I loved them, but it is hard to take a cat with you!  Finally, when I was in high school I got my first dog, an English Setter imported from Oklahoma.  Since then I’ve had a series of dogs, and I loved them all.  But since English Shepherds came into my life, I began the study of dogs.  I read books, watch videos, stare at TV programs, surf the internet.  I talk to other dog people.  I investigated therapy dogs and registered Lucas with Therapy Dogs, Inc.  I reread books.  I rewatched videos.  When I made the decision to breed Lucas, I wanted to do the best I could for the rare breed of English Shepherds.  Those 10 puppies came with a price, the goal of finding them all good homes.  Rimrock Mountain Breeze was a dark shaded sable girl.  Quiet.  Not the boldest.  Not the most timid.  I sent her to Casper with hopes of becoming a cow dog and sweetheart of the owner’s male dog.  It has been 10 months and she’s returned home.  I applaud the owner for knowing it wasn’t a good match and bringing her home to me so I could search for a new place for her.  It took guts to do that.  He liked her for the most part, but they weren’t meshing like he wanted.  It came down to personality and for him, she wasn’t the dog of his dreams.  He called her KD.  It was time for me to find her a new home.  Within hours I had her at a neighbors’ place.  They are a quiet couple with a small herd of cattle on their ranch.  No children.  One older dog that belonged to the husband.  KD was left on a trial basis.  I returned the other day to see how they were getting along.  KD has been transformed from KD to Kay, and she is relaxed and easy-going.  She has thrived in a week.  She loves her new owners and her new lifestyle.  She and I are both lucky.  I have learned the difficulties of puppy placement.  I have learned to accept that things and people and dogs change for many reasons.  I have learned to read a dog, and I know, without a doubt, that Kay is a happy dog.  I know how easy it would have been for the old owner to just accept her or give her away or put her down, and I am thrilled that Kay got a second chance.  I know I won’t stop learning about dogs and Kay gave me an important lesson.  A good home can still not be the right place for every dog.  Kay was lucky.  Kay got a new home.


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