A vlog for those of you out there that don’t know… and I was a partner in crime with you until recently… is a video blog entry.  I’ve been playing with my new computer, a 24″ Mac, (I know, I know, but I LOVE it!!!)  and when I posted a video on YouTube the other day about Dally, I received many great compliments about it.  But the only people that knew about it were my English Shepherd friends.  Surprisingly… now get this… most English Shepherd owners don’t live in Wyoming or on a cattle ranch!  Amazing.  Doesn’t *everyone* live out in the boonies with 3 English Shepherds????  You mean people actually live in humongous cities and on Midwestern farms?  I thought that was just made up in Hollywood!

OK, don’t get offended, I was born with sarcasm in my blood.  It can’t be helped.
So, to share with my 6 blog friends… I am posting the addresses of my new videos on YouTube.
The first one is the latest one… A virtual cowboying trip as we trailed our cows off the mountain Wednesday.  It is 8 minutes long, but, hey, you’re asking me to condense 8 hours of cowboying!  For those of you that have helped shove all our cattle up the “hill” – the reverse of this video – you might be amazed at how easily those lone cows can fall off the mountain without their calves and with no yearling steers to get in the way…
The second is Dally’s video I made.  It shows her working alongside her dad Lucas and Boomer.  It was just her second time out working… and she did alright.  I think she’ll make a cowdog!
I hope you enjoy these as much as my English Shepherd friends seem to…

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