I Love This Country!

Look at this…


This is looking north along the Big Horn Mountains.  I am west of our Mesa pasture, and we do actually own a smidge of what is in this photograph, but I love this view.  It is probably considered much prettier in the spring when the grass is green, but hey, this is Wyoming, and grass is green here for only so long!  The chugwaters are great… one of them in this pic actually has hand and foot holds carved into it by Indians…supposedly it was a good medicine place to have some dangerous vision quests.  And when I say “hand and foot holds” I’m exaggerating.  It has *very* shallow depressions that if you are bold and/or crazy (like my husband and sons) you can climb to the top.  I stayed below in case someone needed to call 911.  And when I say dangerous vision quests, it’s because hallucinating on top of that little tiny area surrounded by a 60 foot drop, just reflects a little insanity.


This is to your left (further west) from the photo above.  We trail cattle by here at least twice a year.  I think the left side looks like an Indian with a tremendous headdress on.  It would be more apparent had I been in a different position, but you get the idea.
What more can I say?  I love Wyoming!  Especially my hidden part of it!

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