It’s Gone!

Remember just a little while ago, when I talked of Beginnings?  We have been discussing the remodel of the kitchen at the Mills place.  Nothing too pressing… just debating cabinets, and placement of appliances, and some minor stuff.  Well, the boys came home from Laramie on Monday evening.  I spent yesterday in Worland – a little quality time with my doctor and the grocery store – and returned home to teach my 3 Korean-English education classes.  That was my day.  This morning I went to see what the guys did yesterday and guess what?  It’s gone!  The kitchen I knew is GONE!  Here’s proof.

This is where the door goes into the dining room… The stove was here just a few days ago!
This will be widened out to the right about 22 inches, and the rest turned into a breakfast bar.
That was where the dishwasher was.  That is also the interior side of the logs that make my house.  They are actually kind of cool looking.
This was the refrigerator wall.  That doorway is also being widened.  Don’t Brandon and Vernon look like carpenters???  Well, they try!
There’s the pantry… and the wall in front of Daniel will disappear in a bit.   So… this afternoon instead of making pretzel salad and pecan pies and rolls and cleaning and getting ready for tomorrow… I went to town to pick out my flooring!  Since we have workers here, the work needs to get done… of course, that doesn’t include MY work. The kitchen is gone, but my work is still here!  Sigh.  It’s gonna be a LATE night!

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