So Tired

I am SO TIRED… we worked all day up at the Mills place tearing out walls, doing electrical, figuring out stuff on the fly.  Do I want the outlets here or here?  Do you want the stove to be here?  How tall is the bar going to be?  How tall is the back of the stove we haven’t bought yet.  Oh, don’t forget to count in the new flooring, whichever it is and the underlayment and…  and… and… sigh.  I went up there at 8:30 this morning, we broke for a lunch of turkey leftovers, and got back home for supper at 9 tonight.  We’re all coated in plaster dust and sawdust.  I heated up leftover chili and made grilled cheese sandwiches!  That’s all I’m good for!

The main door to the kitchen becomes wider… that’s cousin Caleb helping out.
The header comes out… I want you to know that this is HEAVY stuff… plaster on top of sheetrock… it is like cement!
The four carpenters widen the doorway to the dining room as well…
Victoria stops by to supervise the creation of the bar.
 Caleb and Victoria discuss important events… or something.  The bar is open!  Ha.  Whew.  I am so tired… have I said that???


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