An Audience

Well, we had to let the kids go back to their respective “homes” today.  Three went back to Laramie (cousin Caleb included) and one to Kaycee.  We cleaned up some garbage at the Mills place, doctored the sick calf, loaded up Caleb’s snowmachine into his pickup, ate some pitiful lunch and then they left.  It was up to Vernon and I to finish the wiring and set a 12′ piece of sheetrock.  Now that was the reason for getting a full piece of sheetrock – we were gonna have help!  Ooops.  The two of us got ‘er done though… maneuvering over water pipes coming out of the floor and everything!!  The top piece will be a different story!  We’re going around the bottom first and maybe we can round up some help to place those top sheets… or maybe it’ll take us 2 weeks and the boys will be back!  But at one point someone yelled, “Hey, Mom, come take a picture!”  It seemed that my dutiful English Shadows had arranged themselves quite artistically outside in the yard.

Then someone walked past a window… and they did this…
I couldn’t have posed them like this if I’d tried!  But aren’t they an attentive audience??


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