Follow-Up on Be Warned

For those of you who expressed interest… just thought I’d let you know… the downed calf died last night.  We hadn’t held out much hope for him, the vet says those kinds of injuries   (spinal injuries) don’t usually have a good ending.  He did have good food and water and care for his last days though.  It was all we could do.

Today we hauled our prolapsed cow into town.  So… BE WARNED… the middle photo is a picture of the process.  Only one!  I took many photos as vet work seems to interest me, but the lighting was poor and I didn’t want to use my flash and upset her.  Really none of the photos turned out.  I just had to include the one though, for reasons I’ll mention later.  She had to be left over there, as it was a difficult case.
We woke to a beautiful snowy scene today… huge flakes coming down.  Which, as Vernon readily states, is prettier to look at if you don’t have to work in it!  Vernon loaded the cow into the horse trailer and off we went.  As we got to our mailbox, I snapped the following photo.  Now really.  If you can’t see farther than that, and it is 9:30 and the snowplow hasn’t been by yet, should you really haul the cow to town???  Last time we went to town the roads were horrible.  This time they were bad until we made it to Ten Sleep where snowplow action and more traffic and less snow combined to create a dry road.

Stop now.
Be warned.
Gross photo coming up.
Sensitive tummies quit now.
Do not pass go.
Do not collect $200.
Unless you’re the vet, and you’ll probably collect a lot more than that!
You’ve been warned.
Here it is.
This actually cracks me up!  Here he is, REALLY looking over the situation.  Toothpick in mouth (he never lost it), face to uh, opposite of face.  Blood and urine covered, never stopping his running commentary, or jokes, or stories.  I could SO work for this guy… if I lived closer than 45 miles away!  As his assistant and I visited, we both commented on why people just don’t want to become large animal vets anymore.  I don’t get it!  Doesn’t anyone read James Herriot anymore?  Don’t people want to get covered in ooweey gooey stuff like this?  Doesn’t this pic just make you want to run out and apply to CSU?  (Colorado State University, renowned for their vet program and EXTREME rival of the University of Wyoming!)  I would have been more of a help myself… but I had my town clothes on (people tend to notice when you have blood on your clothes, especially since hunting season is over)… and my camera doesn’t do well with ooweey gooey.  I did help with some dogs and cats while we were waiting though!
A quick stop to order flooring, buy supplies, grab a few groceries, and we head for home.  A full day in town.  At home we’re greeted by a welcome sight… Christmas lights buried in snow.  I LOVE this look!

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