Another Cold One

Another day spent in town!  It seems like we’re going to the “big city” quite a bit lately.  For those of you who don’t know… that means Worland, Wyoming.  45 miles away… It takes about an hour to get there. Today was another freezing day, so I might as well have been in a heated car all day.  Vernon needed his pickup windshield replaced and a new U joint installed… I had to visit the doctor… again.  All of this cold cold weather made me yearn for summer, so I spent a little time playing with some pictures from this summer.  I want to make a children’s book, and use my photographs to illustrate it.  I started seeing what my little iPhoto program would do… I love this antique look, but still yearn for a new Photoshop program so I can give my photos the watercolor effect I love so much.  Still, these aren’t that bad… what do you think?

Trailing cows up to the mountain pasture.
Me and my Shadow.  I’d like this better if someone could wave a magic wand and make me lose about 40 pounds.  Ah well….

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