My Work

My Work
Lately, my work has included this.

Lots of it… buckets to be exact.  And I’m tired of it.
I don’t want to see anymore of it.
and sandpaper… that too!
“Begone away!”
It doesn’t seem to be going away.  Daniel says we’re gonna be doing this all winter.  Ha.  He gets to go back to Laramie January 15th.  I think I’ll still be here mudding my walls.
See that little stuff above the bar?  It still needs corner work and the corners aren’t laying flat for us for some reason and I have to fix everything with mud.  I’m about to scream.
But Vernon… his work was done, so he decided to move on to the flooring, even if I’m not done mudding and priming and painting.
Getting started was tricky.  Involving much discussion and measurement.  I stayed out of the way with my bucket of mud.
Daniel is being picky though… and doing quite a nice job.  Good man.  He’s happy to be doing this instead of mudding with me.  Dang… just when he was getting good, my help got kidnapped! sigh.
I’d say it’s an improvement over the old stuff wouldn’t you???  I think flooring has come a long way in the past 50 years.  I would have loved to have restored the hardwood floors under here and in the kitchen, but they made amazing glue back in the day and I think you’d have to replane the wood, not just sand.
Here’s a closer look at the laminate.  Spiffy, eh?  Our thought is that it may hide the red mud when it gets tracked in… maybe.  Vernon picked this out… whaddya think?
I think it’s gonna look great whenever it gets finished… my work is far from done!

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